How to Become a Better Content Writer in 7 Easy Steps

How to Become a Better Content Writer in 7 Easy Steps

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Become a Better Content Writer

Some people out there seem to think that writers are gods that commune with muses and tap into some creative ether that is only available to them. Writing seems intimidating and untouchable.

Though I'm sure that there are writers that consider themselves godlike, truly, writing is a skill that mastery is relatively simple.

However, there is a reason that holds many people back from writing is the horrible and debilitating condition known as Writer's Block. This terrible disease is one of the main reasons people are scared of venturing into writing. By fearing this condition, you're losing even before you begin. Anyone can write. Anyone can write great content. Anyone can write downright amazing and enthralling content.

There is no such thing as Writer's Block. There.

Acknowledge that you may be stuck every now and then, but never think that your creative juices stop flowing. You just need a little jumpstart.

So, here are 7 easy steps to improve your email marketing content and become a true writer.

1. Pick Your Topic

One of the biggest pitfalls of content writing is that the subject becomes muddled. Without a clear focus, your writing may become distracted and wander in and out of topics. This dilutes your message and may confuse your subscribers. This point may seem obvious to some, but it's absolutely, without a doubt, critical. By honing in on exactly what you're trying to push, it'll make your writing better and more effective.

2. Research

Whether you're writing about a product launch or industry news, it helps to get your story straight. Not only thoroughly research your topic, but also look to what others have written about the topic. Arm yourself with information, and your topic begins to form, making it easier to write.

3. Just Start Writing

Armed with your idea and supportive information, you're ready to get writing. Just start writing. It's as simple as that. Don't worry about what you're writing, and don't fall into self-criticism. And, don't stop writing until you're satisfied that you made your point.

Turn off your email reminders, put an automatic forwarding on your phone and close your door.

Some of the best writers in the world actually limit the time in which they write. On average, these brilliant writers write continuously for a half an hour and then stop. Trust me, this trick seems daunting at first, but with practice, it'll help you hone your writing.

4. Read Out Loud

This is an old, yet effective tip. Read your piece even before you run it through a grammar checker. By reading it aloud, you'll be able to catch grammatical and spelling mistakes grammar checker often overlooks (say, interchanging "there" for "their"). Also, you'll get a feel for the flow and whether you've covered your topic thoroughly.

5. Cut By 10%

Always, always cut your content down by at least 10%. Overwritten sentences will quickly become sharp and concise. Also, it eliminates any redundancies.

6. Give to Another

This step is something that most writers don't do. Perhaps it's about the fear of criticism, but this trick will immediately improve your writing. If your colleague doesn't understand your point (and they work with you!), how can you expect your subscribers to? You can't.

A pair of fresh eyes will always catch something you've accidentally overlooked. Also, writers are incredibly protective over their writing and oftentimes have fallen in love with their words. Swallow your pride, and take the suggestions as they come.

7. Put it Away

If you have an email marketing strategy, chances are you're not writing your content at the last minute. (If you're rushing, then it shows in your writing!) By planning, you're giving yourself ample time to develop your content.

Everyone becomes disgusted and bored with something they stared at for hours on end. You'll begin to hate it and think that everything you wrote is crap. By setting aside your edited and reviewed content for a day or even a couple of hours, makes your content fresh and engaging. You'll be able to spot any additional tweaks.

By following these seven steps, the content in your email marketing newsletters will really start to shine. That, of course, will lead to happy readers and ideally more leads and sales.

Got a writing tip that was not mentioned? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter - @simplycast

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