Benefits of Becoming a White Label Reseller

Benefits of Becoming a White Label Reseller

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White Label Reseller

Want to offer more to your customers? Often marketing agencies, web hosts and other businesses want to offer marketing tools and features under their own brand. Some businesses, however, are determined to create their own solution. In some cases, this may be the right move, but for many businesses reselling is an ideal option.

We will explore some of the main benefits of becoming a marketing white label reseller. White label simply means that you rebrand the product as your own, completely under your own brand. For additional features and answers to your questions, check out our other reseller blog posts or contact our reseller team.

Open an Additional Revenue Stream

Becoming a white label reseller enables you to add to your current revenue. When you have more tools to offer, you can charge more for your solution. You can also gain more customers, as your new solution will appeal to a wider audience. Adding marketing tools to your offering increases your appeal to a wide variety of customers.

Many of your customers are small businesses and almost all small businesses do some form of marketing. By adding ready-made marketing tools to your own offering, you ensure that your small business customers are able to have access to these tools. You don't have to charge for development or testing because the tools are already built and proven. This allows you to keep costs low so you can appeal to many different types of businesses.

Everything is Under Your Own Brand

If you choose to partner with a marketing automation company rather than resell, you need to share the spotlight. Your customers will not come to you for their needs; instead they will be looking to your partner company. This is not necessarily bad, but it takes away from your own marketing and revenue.

When you become a white label reseller, everything is under your brand. This enables you to maintain brand consistency and promote your own business instead of someone else's. When customers need marketing tools, they are using your own tools and you get all the revenue from it.

Deployment is Quick with a Ready-Made Platform

If you are trying to create your own add-on marketing tools, development usually takes years to complete. By the time you release the product, your customers have already gone elsewhere. When you become a white label reseller, you don't have to spend time developing your own tools. You begin marketing your new and improved solution to customers right away. Reselling tools right now enables you to enter the multi-billion dollar marketing automation industry right away.

Reselling ready-made tools also means you completely skip the development and testing stages. Building tools takes a huge amount of money and time. Reselling is the way to go for businesses who don't want to pay for the development and spend the time testing.

Learn More About Becoming a Reseller

If becoming a white label reseller is something you are interested in, contact our friendly reseller team at They can help you learn how reselling will work for your unique business and your customers.

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