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Benefits Of Best Affiliate Marketing Program

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Looking for the best affiliate program that has the biggest payout? Well, we have great news for you. We have just launched the SimplyCast Affiliate Network and it will not disappoint.

From the biggest payouts, to the best resources, SimplyCast has put together a winning combination for partners to earn a lot of money.

You must be wondering what are the benefits to becoming a partner of SimplyCast? There are numerous programs out there, so how do we stand out from the crowd?

Here are 10 benefits you will enjoy when you become a SimplyCast affiliate. Don't worry, there are way more than 10 affiliate benefits but the rest you will learn for yourself after you sign up!

1. Great commission rates. We offer 20% (first-time commission) on each new qualified lead. As long as you keep your affiliate account active, you have a great potential to earn cash.

2. Over 15 products to sell. Not only do we have over 15 online marketing tools to sell, three of them are free. There is not a better way to create interest than to show off the free Form Builder, List Manager, and Twitter Marketing Tool.

3. Cookies that last 200 days. These cookies make sure you can secure sales on a later date. Once someone hits our website once clicking on your affiliate link, you have just under seven months for that person to buy.

4. Access to over 100 banner ads to use on your website. We want to make sure you have all the informative, eye-catching content so you can market the products.

5. Responsive support to help with account questions. We feel the network is simple to use but everyone has questions now and then. We offer quick and helpful support no matter the issue. Our customers get amazing support help, and our partners deserve the same.

6. Fast payout on 15th of each month if the balance is over $200. After all your hard work to bring in new referrals, we want you to get your rewards fast. As long as your balance is over $200, you could have a steady stream of income each month.

7. Multiple site domains per product to vary your marketing plan. Many affiliate programs have one site that they want you to send traffic to. That can get boring as an affiliate. With the 15+ channels of online marketing that we provide, we can give you the same amount of domains to push.

8. Access to hundreds of promotional videos to showcase products. These videos are a great way to show potential sales what they are getting into. Nothing like seeing a service in action before buying.

9. Real-time reporting that keeps track of every new lead and sale. We don't want to hold you back in any way. That is why our software lets you monitor your hard work 24/7. Keep an eye on your links and who is clicking on them any time you want.

10. Access to pre-made sales material including blog posts and articles. On top of all the banner ads, we want to give you written copy as well. This can be used as a guide or even used as is. We know our products better than anyone, so it makes sense that we would do the writing. After all, we are partners, so doing the work for you is our pleasure.

There you have it, 10 benefits of what we feel is the best affiliate program out there. Sign up today and give it a try. You will be making money in no time by selling a product that is used by thousands of people worldwide.

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