Benefits of Database Volunteer Discovery

Benefits of Database Volunteer Discovery

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Database Volunteer Discovery

Nonprofit organizations face challenges in converting potential volunteers out of their larger contact database. These challenges can include leveraging an existing database to its fullest, maintaining regular outreach to contacts and identifying potential volunteers. Furthermore, potential volunteers or contact can become lost in organizational shuffles, and messages can be sent to the wrong person. It can even be hard to make sure that everyone in the database gets the correct messages.

A digital solution can help address these challenges by ensuring quality and consistency of messaging, leveraging automation to preserve accuracy of messaging and retaining these as the database size scales. We intend to resolve these challenges.

SimplyCast presents the idea of a Database Volunteer Discovery solution, a system which allows any non-profit organization to leverage personalized communication automation to provide long-term nurturing to their contacts while also identifying those who are most likely to become volunteers. By leveraging automation to sort and flag volunteers, information can be directed accordingly. By using the means of communication most ideal to the volunteer prospect, higher delivery rates and better interaction tracking should follow.

Advantages of Database Volunteer Discovery Solution

SimplyCast anticipated the need for the Database Volunteer Discovery Solution case aims to help non-profit organizations to streamline the way they identify possible volunteers by leveraging contact engagement technology. From multi-channel messaging to advanced automation, our solution is capable of sending messages, accounting for recipient behavior and adjusting approach all automatically.

Effective Communication

By adding existing databases, you can begin to organize your potential volunteers. This can be expanded to include new contacts by including online forms or QR codes in your process. By doing this, you can build comprehensive profiles for contacts based on how they interact with your organization, and thus ensure that the right messages are sent to the right contacts at the right time. By increasing the effectiveness of your communication, contacts remain engaged more often and feel you are giving them what they need.

Easy Detection of Engaged Contacts

The Database Volunteer Discovery Solution involves Contact outreach. Contact outreach allows Administrators to monitor volunteer responses and behavior. This enables Administrators to determine the engagement of contacts. Each time a new contact navigates to the nonprofit’s digital resources, an unnamed contact is created. By doing this, the nonprofit can adjust their digital content even for unknown contacts to keep them engaged and increase the likelihood of collecting contact information.

Converting Engaged Contacts into Volunteers

Whenever a contact interacts with a message, such as by opening an email or clicking a link, a score value associated with that contact can be increased. When that score value meets a pre-defined threshold, the contact can be marked as highly engaged and sent a message asking them to consider volunteering. They can also be added to a list so the individuals most likely to volunteer can be contacted easily in future. This increases the probability of success and helps increase conversion rates.


Why SimplyCast?

The SimplyCast platform is a no-code platform that allows anyone to build and edit their solution. As a result, this solution is fully customizable, it can be tweaked or altered to meet the exact needs of every institution.

Don’t worry about scalability and security! SimplyCast is an ISO 27001:2013-certified company with data centers in the USA and Canada. This means we can assure you that your confidential data is safe on our secure server and the messages you transmit are completely encrypted. Our platform has the capacity to send 100,000+ messages every hour and allows 10,000+ concurrent sessions. We can also acquire additional gateways and servers if you need them.

Most importantly, we have a 99.5% minimum uptime. With our solution, you can have peace of mind.


Don’t wait! Our experts are ready to give you a one-on-one demo to explain how this solution works.

Simply request a demo by clicking the button below and let us show you how our solution can help you manage your Database Volunteer Discovery more efficiently. Make sure you let your account manager know that you’re looking at UC0000008 so that we can get you started right away.

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