What are the Benefits to Social Media Logins?

What are the Benefits to Social Media Logins?

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Benefits to Social Media Logins

We've been doing stuff a bit differently the past few months, in that we've been watching more closely how customers are getting to and into our application. It became apparent that we needed to look at social media logins as we were continually getting support requests from customers stating that they were having difficulty finding their accounts.

I can only imagine that after spending time in building your marketing campaign to log back into the SimplyCast application only to find that your work was gone would be quite frustrating. Our customer care team would spend time looking up the client account and only to find that about 65 percent of those calls were due to the fact that the customer either never used social media to sign up in the first place or used a different email address and password pair. They simply forgot.

While the fix is easy, it really does not help the situation in the least.

There was a time when it was normal to use social media logins for your application. This process is designed to do all the fancy techy handshakes in the background and give you a seamless experience across all of the software you currently use. The idea is simple. Click the button, you are in and ready to start sending campaigns.

Before you get design teams on the move and removing things, there are few things you should consider:

1. What's my onboarding process like for most customers?

We spent a lot of time designing our onboarding process to make sure that we got all the information we need in the most painless way possible. The process is designed to get information quickly and let the customer send any campaign they need to using all of our communication channels. As a communication platform, it is important that the customer confirms their account before they get sending; this is an important first step. Overall, make sure to set a clear path to completion.

2. Do you get all the necessary information from social media you need?

As we've been reviewing this onboarding process, we found that social media was not always consistent across services. This just made things difficult for all parties. Customers ended up being blocked by fail-safes and our welcome team would spend a lot of time connecting with them to communicate actively.

3. What is the benefit to the customer using social media logins?

While customers like to have one login for a number of different services, the biggest use of offering social media logins to your application is if you are using the information actively to customer and personalize their experience. However, social logins has been on the decline and logins can be inconsistent: sometimes a client might choose to login using Facebook and other times, Twitter.

4. Do you get information for products you do not remember registering for?

When your customers are researching, they sometimes sign up to a number of different services and platforms. Yet, you want to ensure that your onboarding is doing what it's supposed to; that is, weeding out the not-so-interested and qualifying the ones who are serious and want to use the application. Who hasn't received emails for services and products they are not interested in? It comes from filling out information through forms on sites and forgetting. Or, logging in through social media and, due to social analytics, receiving emails about software, products, and services you wouldn't consider relevant.

5. Do you want to be susceptible to another service's security?

While the larger social media services spend a lot of time to ensure that accounts are secure, your account has to adhere to whatever security procedures are set by those systems. Using a communication platform may not be the application that you want to be compromised due to the fact that Google or Facebook was hacked. Since the SimplyCast platform requires you to have a password and email pairing as credentials, it's better to just make the user create that to ensure safety.

For the most part, it is important for you to choose the process that works best for your organization. After we reviewed the numbers for us, we found that that change would be beneficial. This overall change is to ensure an online experience for customers that satisfies their use and expectations.


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