Best of Marketing Automation: Tweet Like Lady Gaga

Best of Marketing Automation: Tweet Like Lady Gaga

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Best Of Marketing Automation

We produce so much valuable content in a week, that we are starting to feel that people are missing it. There is so much to do each day, that if you blink, blog posts, articles and more just come and go.

That's why each weekend, we are going to start revisiting content that we feel is still highly valuable for you.

At the same time, it is like taking a walk down memory lane. So many entertaining posts.

So please enjoy and let us know what you think.

Blog Posts To Revisit

Expert Tips on Metrics: What Should You Be Looking at Right Now?

Regardless of what marketing strategy you're measuring, there are some basic metrics to look to. However, in this blog, we're going to establish not only the basics, but also what the industry experts are looking at.

What is data? What does your data mean?

Email Marketing: Top Tips to Improve Customer Communication

Truly, one of the most important ways to increase your return-on-investment (ROI) is to ensure that you're cultivating, developing and sustaining your customer relationships. Your goal with email marketing should be to ensure that you're constantly in communication with your customers.

What does this mean?

7 Quick Tips: What Metrics the Experts Look At

Though we've already covered the basic metrics every marketer needs to monitor, we're taking it a step further.

In this post, instead, we're ranking what is the most important metrics to look at against the least, according to marketing experts.

Improve delivery with this optimization checklist

Are your emails still landing in the junk folder even though you are a reputable sender? Optimizing email marketing campaigns for successful delivery can be frustrating and time consuming. To help ease the pain, use this optimization checklist as a tour guide to pinpoint strategies to turn your delivery around.

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Email Marketing Campaigns

Despite everyone's love for social media and other trendy options (SMS for example), email marketing is still is an incredibly valuable tool for B2C and B2B marketers. The tools available and the process of sending a campaign are all pretty similar regardless of what ESP you use, so that is where you have to get strict about your optimization.

Why? Because the 10 other companies going after the same readers as you are doing it.

Email Marketing Tips – Engagement Is Critical For Deliverability

As we have mentioned before, engagement is critical for deliverability success and open rates this year. By starting right from the beginning of the process, you can help increase the chances that a subscriber will become engaged and stay engaged.

Email Marketing is Like Marriage

Wait? What? Email marketing is like marriage?

Marriage is nothing more than two people coming together and agreeing to spend a certain amount of time together.

Motivations for such a union are usually different, ranging from respect, love, millions of dollars or the desperate need for a green card.

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