SimplyCast Blog: The Best of Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Posts for November

The Best of Multi-Channel Marketing Blog Posts for November

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Wow, where did November go? What a month. 30 days of mustaches, turkey, holiday shopping and even the NBA is apparently coming back. For those who frequent our many online marketing blogs, it was a busy month as well. Fresh posts to help you become a better marketer and keeping you up to date on best practices. So, as we enter December, it seems like the best time to recap the best of what the blogs had to offer in November. Oh before we move on, December is going to be a lot of fun at SimplyCast as we prepare to launch the next version of our online marketing application (better known as Version 7.0.) which will happen in January 2012. Stay tuned to our blogs.

Best of the blogs for November

Multi-Channel Marketing Solved!

20 Inspirational Ideas for Businesses on Twitter and Facebook - Sometimes, inspiration slips away and you're left alone with nothing, facing a looming deadline. Often, looking to oddball sources can lead to incredible inspiration and leave you with oodles of ideas to Tweet or post about. Check out these ideas to get the brain working when it comes to promoting your business on Twitter and Facebook.

Email Marketing Blog

How to Integrate SEO with Your Email Marketing Campaign - Seriously, it's not as hard as it sounds. For some, SEO (search engine optimization) is like oil and email marketing is like water – mixing them to get is a near impossible feat. But, what both SEO and email marketing do is attract new customers and that is what we all want right? Check out how to make it happen.

Survey Marketing Blog

Quick Tips: The Importance of Scaling - No, we're not talking about the outer appearance of reptiles, but how critical it is that your answers are scaled properly. And, why scaling affects your online survey data and feedback. If you are looking to create an online survey or improve on the next one, this post is for you.

SMS Marketing Blog

How to Ensure Your Text is Read, Not Deleted - The single fastest growing and most successful form of marketing today is SMS (or text message marketing). SMS snatched up the most opens, views and forwards from veteran marketing strategies including emails and faxes. So now you know why you need to make sure your text messages are not getting deleted.

Fax Marketing Blog

How to Sleaze-Proof Your Fax Marketing Campaign - No marketer worth their salt ever wants to be in this category. For all that, they've worked towards and for, and then, lumped into a sleazeball territory? As if! What is to be done to avoid this disastrous moniker?

Twitter Marketing Blog

8 Simple Ways to Improve Your Twitter Presence - The tricky part of using Twitter for your business is building an engaged following that not only helps build a brand your organization, it is another source of new leads and new sales. Here are 8 simple ways to improve your Twitter presence.

List Management Blog

What is Email List Segmentation and Do I Need to Do it? - List segmentation is nothing more than dividing your subscriber list into categories so that you can target them specifically with your email campaigns and promotions. Interested in learning more? Of course, so check out this post.

Link Tracking Blog

Quick Tip: Why No One Clicks On Your Links in Your Emails - Another way to look at this is as a way to quickly improve your click through rate. Without any outgoing clicks, then your customers are just reading your email and didn't act on your calls to action. So, do we have your attention now? That should keep you busy and informed until we start posting again next month (tomorrow!) Are there any topics you want us to cover in the near future? Let us know on Twitter. For now, enjoy your day and remember, it won't be long before Version 7.0 of SimplyCast is on the air and ready to rock.

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