The Best Places to Find Press Release Ideas When You're Stuck

The Best Places to Find Press Release Ideas When You're Stuck

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If you get into the habit of sending out regular press releases (some companies do), you may struggle to find new and interesting topics to cover as the days march on.

Being stuck isn't the worst thing in the world – in fact, it may actually jumpstart your creativity and even shift your perspective on what's newsworthy.

Either way, here are some fantastic places to reinvigorate your marketing juices:

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest are idea-rich platforms. On them, you can check the pulse of your followers and see what they're saying about you, see which of your posts are shared the most and what issues your customers are having.

Trending Topics in your Industry

What's new in your industry? What are people talking about? Are their new products, new technologies, new CEOs? If there is something that's hot right now in your industry, figure out a way how you can thoughtfully add to the conversation.

General News

Yes, even the tickers on the largest news websites have a plethora of ideas for your next press release. Natural disaster? Maybe your company will donate products, services or money to help alleviate the suffering. The news is a great place to offer solutions to the world's problems (usually on a small scale, of course).

Follow Up on Previous Press Release

Did you launch a new product last year? How well is it selling? Did you expand your business and hire 200 new people? Follow up press releases aren't cop-outs. Instead, they show that you're more than just bluff and bluster. Take the business expansion, for instance, writing up a press release about how those new employees are doing earns you bonus points. People like good news.

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