Best Practices for Targeting Mobile Users

Best Practices for Targeting Mobile Users

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Return Path provides the following list of best practices for email marketers when targeting mobile users.

  1. Try to quantify the impact on your business. Survey your subscribers. Provide a "mobile format" option at sign up, along with text or HTML. Track clicks on the link to your mobile version in your header.
  2. Know how you render in the top mobile devices. Use a rendering service to track various environments.
  3. Since there is no standard for mobile rendering, be sure the first few lines clearly display the sender/brand, offer and a link for the call to action. Consider adding a phone number here, as well.
  4. Be recognized. Use a consistent From: name and emphasize the brand.
  5. Use the pre-header space wisely. There is a lot of competition for this space up there (e.g.: uncut, edit preferences, permission reminder, whitelisting, headline/call to action). Make sure the link to a mobile version is visible if this is important to you.

Marketers should always look beyond a single channel, no matter how tried-and-tried it may be, and embrace a multi-channel approach.

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