SimplyCast Blog: Beta Testing of 7.0 is in Full Effect

Beta Testing of 7.0 is in Full Effect

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Beta testers, start your engines!

Earlier this week we sent out beta invites to a select list of customers, industry gurus, university students and of course our families. The goal? For these select few to go over Version 7.0 of SimplyCast and battle test it. Our team wants to know everything that is liked, disliked and of course what is not working.

So far our beta master has reported positive results and that is from more than the developers' moms.

This beta test will run through the weekend and we hope to have all the feedback by early next week. At that time we will present some first-hand testimonials on what people are saying.

Sure, it would be a lot easier to let all of you see Version 7.0 now, but what fun would that be. January is not that far away and we would like you to think of it as a late Christmas present.

Once beta testing is over and our team is happy with everything, we will start to ask for any customers who want to migrate over early and get an early look. So stay tuned for that. Based on how things are going, there should not be that much to enhance.

Most popular new features that we have heard mentioned are the A/B split testing option, the social media bar and the customization of pricing plans.

If you would like to learn more about Version 7.0, everything is being compiled on the V7 launch page.

We can't wait for everyone to use the newest release.

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