Better Communication in Hospitals is Just a Click Away

Better Communication in Hospitals is Just a Click Away

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Better Communication in Hospitals

Whether your hospital is small or large, you know that organizing staff, volunteers and events can be quite a challenge. You need to communicate in an efficient way while ensuring that everyone gets the message. An automated hospital communication solution simplifies the process, saving time for your staff and making communication much more effective.

Quickly Find Staff for Shifts

Hospital staff are sometimes notoriously hard to get in touch with. If you need to call someone in for a shift, create a simple automated process to find a worker quickly. Each staff member is organized into a relevant list. When you need to find someone for a shift, click one button and your automated solution sends out notifications to each person on the list. Whoever responds first takes the shift. You can easily specify how they are contacted, so if one nurse never answers his phone you can send him a text message or email instead.

Recruit Volunteers with Ease

There are lots of hospital events that require volunteers. When you need to organize volunteers, your automated hospital communication solution contacts every regular volunteer on your list in the way that they have specified. To recruit new volunteers, create a series of messages for social media. These messages are posted over time in order to spread the messages and save your staff the time of manually posting.

Efficiently Organize and Manage Events

If you're hosting a charity event, medical lecture or any other hospital event it takes time to organize the event. You need to invite guests, create tickets and a landing page with event information, send out event reminders, promote the event and follow up afterwards. All this can be done through automation, and it makes your event management infinitely simpler.

Try Automated Communication in Hospitals for Free

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of our automated hospital marketing and communication solution. Our solution includes over 15 unique communication tools, and our friendly team is always here to give you a demo. Automation makes your entire communication process more effective.

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