Big Integration with Bigcommerce

Big Integration with Bigcommerce

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Exciting news for customers with online stores! SimplyCast has integrated with Bigcommerce to help our users bring their products to customers. This is one of many new integrations that are coming to SimplyCast. Bigcommerce gives their customers a way to create their own website, complete with a domain name, shopping cart, payment gateway and product catalog, all optimized for mobile. With our new integration, you can use your client lists that have been gathered through your website and online store and bring them directly into the SimplyCast CRM. From there, synchronize events in Bigcommerce and SimplyCast. Automate list updates, edits and much more.

So what does this mean for you? Thanks to integration, your business can run targeted marketing campaigns with automated triggers. It gives you more options to target specific audiences with relevant marketing campaigns, giving them a more personalized experience. With each customer's purchase history, browsing data and personal information, you can create more engaging and meaningful messages for each customer. Integration helps you save time while creating a higher return on investment. Your business avoids alienating customers with content that does not relate to them, and hits the right targets with the most effective content.

Think you may miss updating your newly created lists in the SimplyCast application while you work forward with your Bigcommerce site? No need to worry. Your contact list will be automatically updated as customers are added, removed or changed in Bigcommerce. We make it as easy as possible for you to succeed with your online marketing.

Let's look at some specific situations. We will start with the most basic, your CRM.  A powerful CRM is essential for any business, but if your lists are not maintained, they won't be much use to you for targeted marketing. With integration, each time an update to a Bigcommerce customer occurs (they made a new purchase, they clicked through on an email, they visited a specific page, etc.) your contact is updated in SimplyCast. Automated updates ensure that your contact details are always up to date without you having to remember to update them.

When it comes to connecting with your customers, SimplyCast offers simple and effective marketing tools. Let's say you want to send emails. With all the in-depth information you have been gathering, personally targeted email coupons are a great way to drive customers back to your storefront.

Ted has set up his clothing store on Bigcommerce, and he primarily sells dresses and suits.  He wants to re-engage customers who have not bought something from his store in over a month. Ted sends out a discount coupon for a dress to one group of customers, based on their past purchases and website browsing activity. He sends another email with a discount for a suit to a different group of customers, also based on their purchase history. This targeted email marketing is easily set up, using collected information stored in the CRM. Marketing automation helps you send relevant messages to each customer by automatically segmenting the customers who should receive each targeted message. That way, you save time and avoid wasting resources by sending messages to customers who are not interested in receiving them.

Let's say you want to keep your customers informed of your monthly activities. Put together a monthly newsletter with new products and interesting content to build engagement. The newsletter campaign can be easily set up with the use of triggers within the SimplyCast 360 marketing automation tool. Schedule the campaign ahead of time and your CRM will automatically send it out as you have specified. After the send, learn how many customers opened the email, how many clicked through and how many redeemed any coupon offers. Marketing automation can also score your contacts based on which pages they visit and other online interactions. This process helps you identify hot leads.

Using SimplyCast and Bigcommerce in conjunction is an exciting opportunity.  If you want to learn more about the integration, please visit the SimplyCast integration page for Bigcommerce. To take advantage of the integration, please visit the Bigcommerce site.

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