Take Biotech Digital Marketing up a Notch with Automation

Take Biotech Digital Marketing up a Notch with Automation

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Biotech Digital Marketing

Biotech digital marketing is essential for the industry. Successfully branding your biotechnology firm helps it grow and develop wider awareness and support. By solidifying your biotechnology branding within all of your marketing, doing research, and applying a marketing plan you're well on your way, but many biotechnology marketing initiatives focus on traditional media in a world that simply isn't traditional anymore. The question then becomes, how can you be more friendly, mobile, and social as the current market moves in that direction? As an industry that evolves and expands almost as quick as the biotechnology industry itself, we're confident that marketing automation can help you get there. Marketing automation makes what some might consider an entirely new marketing climate a lot less daunting to approach. This isn't to say traditional marketing doesn't have uses, but as time goes on and digital marketing becomes more and more what people look for. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to get a head start on your biotechnology marketing strategies.

1. Set up a Newsletter

This comes up in virtually every industry and I still don't understand why more industries don't include these. A biotech company survives on research grants and donations, as well as revenue generated by the products they design. They have strong income sources, to be sure. But keeping the medical, pharmaceutical, and technological companies that their products impact abreast in the current environment is important. Releasing snippets of articles or snapshots of new developments and what they could do could potentially generate even more interest. In turn this could generate even more backing. To boot, by allowing even the public to receive and learn from this newsletter, they could generate more overall interest in the industry. A newsletter that does this can help nurture hearts and minds that will innovate in the field for generations to come. Boosted revenue, visibility, and interest all at once, from one single automated email. That impact is hard to match.

2. Identify Prospective Partners and Distributors Instantly

When someone signs up to learn more about what you do and what is happening within your biotechnology firm, ask for required information such as what field they work in. Allow them to select "independent" if they just want to learn, which allows you to identify people that you should engage but not bother trying to sell to. Be sure to also ask where they are geographically and more. By using contact management, you can store that information. Elaborating on that, you know who works where and therefore where to market first. By implementing web tracking as well, you also know which specific research projects each major corporation is interested in and monitoring. By adding that information to your contact information, you know who your hottest leads are going to be.

3. Court Prospective Partners on Your Mailing List Early

By offering email or SMS teasers on your research, you can gauge interest. Biotech digital marketing allows you to easily offer them follow-ups stating the basics of any market-research findings, and let them know you can generate more. By the time those have come out, companies that can see the value of your findings will be interested in partnering early to secure the right to distribute for you. They will offer a great deal of assistance and flexibility in order to keep your product under their name. There are companies out there with partnership agreements despite being in pre-clinical stages of research. By conducting market research constantly based on the capability of your product and supplying your prospects with some teaser details, you can secure interest. By then sharing your findings in more detail, you can secure partnership.

4. Put Your Independent Contacts To Use

Using surveys before the clinical trials are ready to begin mean you can get an idea what sort of interest there might be in a product before it launches. During clinical trials, you can use surveys and emails to monitor public opinion on the technology and gather input on alternate uses of the product. And, it also gives your distributor more information when discussing pricing, reimbursement, market size, and more. This allows you to present customer-direct information in case studies. The key piece of information when suggesting the public be allowed to give input and assist with this process is that those who sign up will typically be at least self-educated, and will want to be there. By collecting the proper information from them, you can use our platform to ensure they stay in a separate list and don't receive restricted information by mistake, or sales offers.

5. Use Split Testing on Focus Groups to Generate Your Publication Plan

In order to make the big reveal, you need to know how your product will be received and how best to connect with your target market. Of course, in theory, you can leave that to your distributor, but acquiring the information yourself gives your firm a unique perspective from a public point of view. It also builds your reputation among distributors as a firm that lifts more than your own weight to get a product to market. This will lead to more partnerships and better relations with your sales-focused counterparts. It also means your researchers are reminded that their work touches and improves lives, something that will reinforce their dedication to producing safe, effective technology. By isolating a small group of civilians, you can test "campaign A" with them. Test "campaign B" with the other group to assess and eliminate approaches and learn how best to give the most information in the simplest terms. Again, this doesn't directly benefit your firm, but it does give you additional information to supply to potential distributors when they look into your research and findings.

Ready to Start Your Biotech Digital Marketing?

These are just five examples of biotech digital marketing. However, the possibilities are boundless. By exploring a list of our features and pricing, you can get a better idea of the many possible internal and external uses for our software. That information can be found on our marketing automation page, along with additional information about our capabilities, branding consistency, and more. Marketing automation, communication, and biotech digital marketing are important to us. Together, we can teach the world to communicate again, no matter the industry, or role.

If you have any questions about how SimplyCast can help with your biotech digital marketing, contact us today to learn more!

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