How to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Medical Advertising

How to Boost the Effectiveness of Your Medical Advertising

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Medical Advertising

Advertising and promoting your medical clinic is an essential aspect of growing your business and gaining new loyal patients. Medical advertising also boosts repeat business and allows you to reach out to your current patients. We have compiled a list of tips to help your medical clinic do more effective advertising. An automated medical advertising and marketing solution can save your staff time, grow online exposure, and help you keep in touch with patients.

Advertise Your Services on Social Media

Social media advertising is a relatively new way for medical clinics to get the word out about the services they offer, where they are located, what their physicians specialize in, and more. On social media, any message that you post can be shared and commented on, which will mean more exposure for your medical clinic.

By posting patient testimonials about the quality of your patient care, you can build a reputation of trust and caring. Advertising reminders that alert visitors to your social media page about upcoming women's clinics, dates when your medical clinic will be closed, and other general information will help you reach out to new patients.

Social media advertising is also a great way to share educational resources and health tips with your patients. Studies show that medical clinics are viewed as more knowledgeable and trustworthy when they provide information to educate patients and help them stay healthy. Post tips about avoiding seasonal colds and flus, advice on eating healthy and exercising and suggestions on when patients should get routine medical check-ups based on their age and medical history.

Visitors to your social media site will be engaged by the helpful messages and medical tips and will be more likely to come in for medical appointments based on the timely reminders on your pages.

Stay Connected with Email for Medical Advertising

Patients may come in for appointments a few times a year, but how do you stay in touch and ensure that they come back and recommend your medical clinic to friends and family? Automated emails help you cater to patients' individual needs and offer your services without you having to take the time to manually send individual messages.

Keep Appointments on Time with Text Message Reminders

Text messages are another way to connect with current clients. Text messages are especially useful for appointment reminders because, unlike emails, text messages are usually opened within five minutes of being received. Reduce the possibility that your patients will be late or will miss their appointment, complicating your schedule and affecting other patients' appointments. Automated text messages can be sent out to each patient based on the dates and times in your records. Save your staff time trying to call around and reach patients for their upcoming appointments and ensure that patients make it on time with automated text messages.

Request an interactive demo of the SimplyCast 360 Customer Flow Communication platform and see what automated communication can do for your patients and your medical office advertising.

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