Bring Religious Communities Together & Reach Out to Newcomers

Bring Religious Communities Together & Reach Out to Newcomers

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Bring Religious Communities Together

Churches and other religious organizations are facing a widespread problem: lack of engagement with their congregations and communities. They need to communicate with their members, but limited staff time and resources make it very difficult to reach out to every member of the religious community, or even various small groups, with a message. Another factor that complicates the communication issue is that religious organizations have members from different age groups and varying backgrounds: some only have home phones, some want emails, some are searching on social media and so on.

A related communication problem is how to effectively spread the word about your religious community. What if new members are seeking a group to join? How about visitors to the area who are looking for a place to worship? The exciting news is that all these different communication issues can be resolved with one affordable easy-to-use solution, SimplyCast 360.

SimplyCast 360 is an automated multi-channel communication solution. With this all-in-one, easy to use tool you can reach out to every member of your religious community and efficiently spread your message without adding to your daily workload. Anyone with a computer can create a message in minutes and, with a single click, send it out to all your members. No special technical knowledge is needed!

Reach out in multiple ways using the same tool. Let's say you are holding a potluck fundraiser this Sunday. Mona does not own a home computer or cell phone, so send a voicemail reminder to her landline telephone. Sam never checks his phone messages, so remind him with a timely email. Pedro is always on the go, so the best way to reach him is with a quick text message reminder. Once you have created a message, it can be automatically sent to hundreds or thousands of people in minutes.

Let's not forget social media. Over 90% of religious organizations in the U.S. use some form of social media to promote their community. Having a social media presence is important, but updating your Twitter and Facebook pages can take all day! Not anymore. At the beginning of every month, simply schedule a series of messages that will be posted throughout the month: community event dates, feel-good jokes, dates and times when services are held and more.

Consistent social media updates attract new members, help visitors find you (for example, by including Twitter hashtags that are relevant to your location and denomination) and show that your community is active and vibrant. Frequently reaching out in different ways helps to keep your members engaged in the religious community and helps to provide a feeling of support and connection.

Contact the SimplyCast sales team today to discuss a solution that works for your needs.

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