Does Your Business Need a Mass Communication System?

Does Your Business Need a Mass Communication System?

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In short, the answer is yes. Any business would benefit from having a mass communication system to help them communicate quickly and efficiently with their staff, clients, and the general public. Here are a few reasons why:

Multi-channel communication

A system that has the capability to send messages to your contacts via multiple channels of communication can benefit your business by ensuring the information you send is delivered, read, and understood in a timely manner. Popular communication channels such as email, phone, and SMS are effective ways to contact people in their own right, so imagine if you had a system that could send messages to all three of these methods at the same time!

Automatic mass notification

Manually sending out messages to each and every one of your contacts can be a little tedious and inefficient, to say the least. A mass communication system can help streamline the sending of these communications by allowing you to automate many of the messages you send to your contacts.

Automating your mass communications is as easy as scheduling when you would like each message to be sent and to which contacts. This is done when you first create and configure the message in the platform. Once your message is scheduled, it will automatically be sent out at that date and time, without you having to remember to send it yourself.

Efficient emergency management

During an unexpected event or emergency, a mass communication system can help your business properly and effectively manage the situation so every stakeholder remains up to date with the latest information. From teleconferences, notifications, status updates, and more, a mass communication system can help streamline how your business deals with urgent matters.

For example, your business can send emergency alerts to your contacts en masse through every communication channel available to better ensure the message is received with enough time for them to properly prepare themselves and plan their next steps.

Better business continuity

Whenever something unforeseen comes up in your organization, it is beneficial to have processes put in place that will aid in making sure business continues as usual as much as it can. A mass communication system can be easily used to inform your staff and clients of delays in opening, for example. Or, it can even be used to send a quick poll to gather information so as to make a quick, yet informed decision regarding how to best move forward.

Such a system will allow you to prepare these messages in advance and deploy them to your contacts quickly and simultaneously whenever they are needed with a click of a button. This allows your business to continue to work toward mitigating the situation.

Need a mass communication system?

SimplyCast has innovated an emergency communication suite of applications that encompasses many different tools to help your business with their mass communication efforts. From the Alerts feature that can aid in mass notifying your contacts, to the Instant Teleconference feature that will let you dial out to those whom you need to confer with, there is a lot of functionality available that can benefit your business greatly.

For more information about SimplyCast's mass communication system, visit this page or contact

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