Can Your Online Marketing Software Do This?

Can Your Online Marketing Software Do This?

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Imagine that you are searching for an online marketing software that helps you build customer loyalty and keep customers coming back again and again. What features would your ideal software have? What would it be able to do? What everyday marketing problems would it solve for you? We have put together a list of the most common things small business customers are looking for when they contact our customer care team.

Can the software significantly reduce my daily workload?

One of the most common complaints of small business owners and employees is, "There aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to accomplish." Working with limited resources and a small staff often makes running online marketing campaigns seem overwhelming. Automated software is here to help!

Using automation to complete your daily processes saves an infinite amount of time. It makes your small staff more efficient and keeps your customers satisfied. You can automate many online marketing and communication processes and tasks. These include lead nurturing, appointment reminders, birthday wishes, personally targeted marketing campaigns, notices and so on. These tasks would normally have to be done manually by your staff.

Can the software help me connect with my customers more effectively?

Many businesses are seeking better ways to build customer loyalty. Building a strong personal connection with each customer is one of the best ways to improve customer loyalty and increase revenue. This takes time and effort, however. Automated online marketing software helps you solve this dilemma.

The software tracks each lead from the very first time they hit your website. It gathers information about each contact's purchasing habits, browsing habits, special dates like birthdays and membership renewal dates, unsubscribes and much more. The software then uses this information to send personalized marketing campaigns.

Personally targeted marketing campaigns increase the amount of online marketing messages that are actually opened by the recipients, rather than simply ignored or deleted. Personal targeting also boosts the amount that a customer will spend.

Can the software adapt to fit the needs of my business?

Many customers who call in ask about very specific functions that they need their software to perform. You don't want to get an online marketing software that can only perform a number of pre-set tasks. You want a software with an excellent list manager that is adaptable and customizable to your own unique needs. You should be able to enter your own decision elements and tell the software exactly how to handle leads and customers.

Although automation takes over and does the tasks that you once had to do manually, you still need to set it up in advance. You input all the specifications exactly the way you want them. Do you want your new subscribers to receive an educational white paper after their initial welcome message? Do you want any lead who visits the kitchen appliances page to receive a special promotional coupon for blenders? Once you set up how your online marketing software should react, it takes over like a well-trained secretary.

Can I actually use it?!

The only way to truly evaluate a product's ease of use is to test it yourself. Most online marketing software solutions offer a free trial for a period of time. Always try before you buy. If you can't figure out how to use it, ask the customer care staff. If you still can't figure out how to use it after seeing a demo and asking questions, it's probably not the solution for you.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial of SimplyCast 360, our automated online marketing software. Want a free demo to learn more about how the solution works? Sign up on this page!

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