Casino Marketing Ideas to Boost Engagement

Casino Marketing Ideas to Boost Engagement

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Casino Marketing Ideas

Casino marketing promotions can be a tricky area. You don't want to appear to be promoting excessive gambling, but you do want to bring in new players. You need to engage players and ensure your customer experience is as positive as possible. You want to do this without spending a large amount of money on extra specialized staff or more time on individual messaging and development. Marketing automation provides a solution for effective and efficient casino marketing. By implementing marketing automation into your casino promotion ideas, you open the door to powerful and instant communication with all your regulars. Here are a few casino marketing ideas to take advantage of marketing automation for casinos.

  • A loyalty program allows you to reward customers who come back to your casino. It also keeps your regular players coming in for the chance at high-level prizes and the ability to redeem loyalty points for lower level prizes. Even if customers are only coming in for drinks or to view an event, the loyalty program could be a draw for food and drink or other prizes instead of games.
  • By holding contests, you can engage serious players with the chance to play in a VIP event where they can compete with even higher stakes. This will draw serious players, particularly in cards. While many games are casual and depend on luck, card games like poker are regarded as a sport. Any casino can take advantage of that hype by holding their own local events.
  • Know your customer. By orienting your events and games toward your customers and not your industry, you can react much faster to the use of new innovations and the internet for casino marketing. The best way to do this is to have web tracking capabilities and some form of contact management. These allow you to gather details about who your customer is, what they do, and where they come from in order to best understand what they want and need.

These are some pretty basic casino promotion ideas and they can be done without automation, right? But if you do automate them, you can use email, SMS, and forms to gather information easily. This information is automatically tied into the customer tracking software and the contact manager. This way, you can have a contest, an event, and a loyalty program that are all at least partly automated. Automating the process enables you to set up casino events and inform people about them cheaply and easier than before. What happens to all the money and time saved? They can be invested back into other areas of your business.

Implement these casino marketing ideas with marketing automation

For more information on the tools casinos could use to benefit their business, check out our casino and resort page. For more information on marketing automation, what it can do, and how much it would cost for our ultimate marketing toolbox, have a look at our marketing automation page. Or, contact us at or by phone at one of the numbers below:

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