Celebrating Innovation: The Top 50 CEO Awards Ceremony

Celebrating Innovation: The Top 50 CEO Awards Ceremony

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Background of the Atlantic Business Magazine

Established in 1989, the Atlantic Business Magazine stands as the most prestigious and longest-standing publication dedicated to the business landscape of Atlantic Canada. Renowned for its comprehensive coverage, the magazine has consistently delivered insightful analyses and highlighted the region's innovative leaders, playing a crucial role in celebrating and promoting business success throughout Atlantic Canada.

One of the magazine's hallmark features is its array of annual award ceremonies, designed to honor and recognize exceptional leadership within the business community. These distinguished events include the Top 50 Atlantic Canadian CEOs, the 30 under 30 roster spotlighting emerging business talents, the 25 Most Powerful Women in Business, and the Best of Atlantic Canada awards.

Each of these events not only celebrates individual achievements but also provides invaluable insights into the dynamic and successful leadership that is propelling the Maritimes forward. Through its commitment to excellence and its focus on uplifting the business community, the Atlantic Business Magazine continues to be an indispensable source of inspiration and guidance for entrepreneurs and business leaders across Atlantic Canada.

The Atlantic Business Magazines Top 50 CEOS

Atlantic Business Magazine is excited to celebrate its 26th annual Top 50 Rewards Ceremony. Since its beginning event in 1999, this prestigious ceremony has been steadfast in its commitment to honoring the extraordinary achievements of 50 nominated CEOs. These leaders have been known for fostering the growth of their businesses, making significant contributions to their communities, and being at the forefront of innovation. The ceremony is a testament to the dynamic leadership present in the Atlantic business community, highlighting the outstanding achievements of its leaders and establishing a standard of excellence within the industry.

This year, the Top 50 Atlantic CEO Awards Gala was held in Saint John's Newfoundland, on May 9, 2024. Fifty esteemed CEOs were nominated for the award, with 12 inducted into the Hall of Fame for the first time. A highlight of the ceremony was the Innovator of the Year award presentation from Stewart McKelvey to Dr. Karen Cross for her successes at MIMOSA Diagnosis. Stewart McKelvy Innovator of the Year award goes to the top company of the year for the entire Atlantic Region deemed to be demonstrating the impact of visionary leadership and innovation in driving business success.

Women in leadership a key feature of 2024 Top 50 CEO Reward Ceremony

This year, women in leadership were celebrated more than ever before, with the highest number of women nominees in the Top 50. In 2024, 44% of the nominees were women. Among the notable awardees were Christine Goudie from Granville Biomedical Inc, Tanya Chapman from The Chapman Group, Cheryl Hickman from Avalon, and Dr. Karen Cross from MIMOSA Diagnosis, who was honored as the Innovator of the Year by Stewart McKelvey. These women have shown exemplary leadership and contributions, earning them spots in the Atlantic Top 50 CEO’s.

Saeed El-Darahali Inducted into the Atlantic Hall of Fame

For SimplyCast this year signifies a monumental milestone in its history, as our CEO, Saeed El-Darahali, is honored to accept his fifth Top 50 Atlantic CEO award since 2020, securing his place in the Atlantic Business Magazine’s Hall of Fame. This momentous occasion marks an especially exciting chapter at SimplyCast, showcasing the achievements of Saeed and the significant progress and achievements the company has gone through. It is a testament to our continued success and the remarkable journey of innovation and contributions the company has been on since its beginning.

For SimplyCast, this exciting achievement marks a remarkable journey from its inception. Originating from a modest 150-square-foot office, supported by a small yet passionate team of students and recent graduates, SimplyCast has evolved into a flourishing international platform. As we have grown, SimplyCast has consistently acknowledged and appreciated the unwavering support from its community. Committed to giving back, SimplyCast actively supports various non-profit organizations and embraces diversity in its hiring practices, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds. The company is dedicated to unlocking the potential within its employees through comprehensive training and development programs.

SimplyCast is a huge advocate for the next generation, offering internships and co-operative education programs that equip students and new graduates with essential skills and confidence, paving the way for their successful futures. Being inducted into the hall of fame is an extraordinary honor that we humbly accept. We are excited about the future and are committed to maintaining our core values as we continue our growth trajectory.


Future Goals for Atlantic Businesses

A significant insight from this year's ceremony is the idea that, to effectively initiate change within maritime regions, focusing on a single, unified approach such as adopting a micro-investment organization could be more beneficial than juggling multiple competing concepts. This organization's main initiative would be to support youth-led projects that highlight innovative solutions with the potential to make a significant difference across our communities and economy. Through this initiative, it becomes feasible to launch projects capable of creating enduring benefits for the Atlantic regions, boosting the economy, and promoting better well-being. By selecting initiatives for financial backing and mentorship from the Top 50 CEO Hall of Fame Legacy Project, we can achieve a milestone in enhancing Atlantic enterprises and nurturing innovation throughout the maritime provinces with active youth participation.

This perspective is fascinating for us at SimplyCast, given our profound appreciation for the innovative contributions of the younger generation. We will continue to uphold these core values and practice these principles while keeping the community at the forefront of all we do. This is just one small step that Saeed El-Darahali and SimplyCast have taken towards our future.

We want to once again congratulate Saeed El-Darahali on his fifth Top 50 CEO win and his entry into the Hall of Fame.

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