Changing Your Subscription: How to Upgrade or Downgrade

Changing Your Subscription: How to Upgrade or Downgrade

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How to Upgrade or Downgrade

One of the most common questions we receive is from people asking if they can downgrade or upgrade their monthly plans. The answer to both of these questions is yes!

To downgrade your subscription, log in to your account and select the application you want to downgrade or upgrade. Once you arrive on the application dashboard (in the below example we've used email marketing), look for the Buy/Upgrade button in the top menu.

Once you arrive on the Buy/Upgrade page you'll be able to see your existing plan, and similar plans listed on the page. 

If you select a plan that is smaller in volume than your existing plan, you will see a button to downgrade your subscription. If you select an alternate plan that offers additional features or more volume than your existing plan, you'll see a button to Upgrade your subscription.

What happens when I downgrade my subscription?

When you downgrade your subscription, the changes will take effect on your renewal date. This way you still have time to use any existing credit you've purchased.

What happens when I upgrade my subscription?

When you upgrade your subscription, you can either have it take effect on the next renewal date, or upgrade immediately. If you upgrade immediately you'll receive a pro-rated value of your remaining account credits applied as a discount to your upgrade.

Will my billing date change if I upgrade?

It depends on which option to select. When you upgrade you can choose to keep the renewal date the same or adjust the billing date to the same date you perform the upgrade.

Can I change my payment type when I upgrade or downgrade?

Yes. As with a new purchase, you can select Credit Card or PayPal payment methods.

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