Improving Charity Marketing in a New Online Environment

Improving Charity Marketing in a New Online Environment

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Improving Charity Marketing

 Nonprofit organizations are used to doing traditional charity marketing. This may include calling donors, holding in-person events, posting signs and more. These methods are still effective, but these days you need to engage potential volunteers and donors online.

With an all-in-one nonprofit marketing solution, you can do all your online marketing in one simple place. Automate your emails, voice messages, social media posts, text messages, surveys and more for maximum efficiency.

What can You do with an All-in-One Solution?

When you manage all your charity communication and marketing from a single online solution, you save time and money for your organization. No more dealing with multiple bills and transferring your important data between multiple providers.


Automated email can be used for many charity purposes. An automated email goes out when a donor makes a contribution, thanking them and providing them with additional information. Email newsletters go out to your nonprofit community each month, keeping them updated and letting them know how their donations are being used.

Text Messages

Text message campaigns have been used for charity marketing initiatives with much success. Donors can text a short code to make a quick and easy donation. Automated text message reminders are also sent out to invitees whenever you host a fundraising events.


Gain new donors by sharing your messages on social media. Facebook has over a billion users and is one of the most effective ways to reach out to a completely new audience. Create engaging content and schedule it to post over time. Visitors to your Facebook page can share your content, like it and post comments.


Many nonprofit organizations use Twitter to run donation campaigns and reach new supporters. By using trending nonprofit hashtags, you can join the online conversation and make your content appear to more people. Exciting content goes viral on social media and can mean a lot of exposure for your campaign.

Contact Management

Keeping all your important data organized is simple and efficient with our powerful Contact Manager. The Contact Manager is free for all users.


Want to know what your donors truly think and how they prefer to donate? Run a quick online automated survey. Results are collected and organized automatically so you can easily view the results and learn more.


Holding a nonprofit event or fundraising gala is a lot of fun but it's also a lot of work. Focus on managing the event, not on coordinating the communication. Automated event management takes care of all the invitations, RSVPs and reminders for you. Your event information is automatically turned into a landing page where guests can go to learn more.

Sign up for a free trial of our all-in-one automated solution today. We offer reduced pricing to all nonprofit organizations.

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