Cheap Marketing Automation is Not the Answer

Cheap Marketing Automation is Not the Answer

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Cheap Marketing Automation

You have a small business. You want to get the word out about your products and services, but you're working with a limited budget. You start to think, "I need a cheap marketing automation solution."

Cheap, however, is not the answer. Cheap marketing automation translates to marketing automation that does not offer all the features and functionality that you are looking for. It also often means limited or non-existent customer support.

Instead of simply focusing on getting the absolute lowest price possible, you should be looking for marketing automation that is affordable, not cheap. What's the difference? Affordable marketing automation is designed to be accessible to small businesses and nonprofit organizations while still offering comprehensive features and functionality.

Marketing Automation Saves Money

If you choose a great marketing automation solution, you actually save money on your marketing and communication. You need less staff to run your marketing campaigns, and communicating takes less time.

With an all-in-one solution, you can communicate with your customers on multiple channels. You only pay a single bill, however, so you make the most of your budget. SimplyCast 360 is an integrated Customer Flow Communication solution that includes over 15 channels of communication. Our pricing structure is based on your own unique needs. We also offer special nonprofit pricing.

Using SimplyCast 360, you can create customizable sales pipelines for your customers. Customers receive automatically targeted messages based on their personal preferences, previous history and actions, special dates, and other stored data.

Did you ever think you could afford to send each customer their own personally targeted campaign? Without marketing automation, this would take a huge staff and hours each day. Personally targeted messages are much more effective than mass messages. They get higher response and conversion rates, and they boost your sales.

How to Pick the Best Marketing Automation Solution for You

First, you should decide what you need in a marketing automation solution.

  • Create a list of features and functionality that you want. Do you need email marketing? Social media management? Multi-user accounts so different members of your team can work on marketing campaigns? Whatever it is, write it down.
  • Do your research and try out several different marketing automation solutions before you settle on one. By testing out multiple solutions, you can find the one that works best for your needs.

Once you decide to factor marketing automation into your budget, here are a few important features you should look for:

  • A marketing automation solution that offers a free trial. How will you know if it works for your needs if you can't try it first?
  • A marketing automation solution that offers comprehensive customer service. You shouldn't have to pay big bucks to get quality assistance.
  • A marketing automation solution that provides detailed reporting so you will know how each of your messages is performing and how you can improve.

Don't Settle for Cheap Marketing Automation

SimplyCast offers a free trial of our marketing automation platform. Sign up here. Before trying it out, take part in an interactive demo so you can learn more. Don't settle for a cheap marketing automation solution that just doesn't cut it—SimplyCast is affordable for businesses of all sizes while still providing all the features you could ever need.

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