Check Out Our Integration Manager!

Check Out Our Integration Manager!

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Integration Manager

Have you checked out our integration manager yet? It is designed to streamline the user experience and provide a highly convenient way for our customers to handle their unique integrations and seamlessly manage their contact data. All integrations are now located in a single place in our application. This enables users to stay organized, save time and manage data seamlessly.

What is the point of integrations?

Integrating with other applications enables us to provide convenience, ease of use and speed of service to our customers. SimplyCast integrates with platforms from many industries. Right now, our focus is on integrating with CRMs. Integration enables our platform and other platforms to exchange data easily. This keeps contact information and other necessary data up to date.

You decide exactly how you want your data to be updated. Integration saves users the time and hassle of manually transferring data between the various platforms they use. If a customer updates their personal information in your ecommerce platform, for example, the changes will automatically be applied to your SimplyCast list in whatever manner you have specified.

What are the benefits of the integration manager?

The integration manager provides a strong framework that allows the team to rapidly develop integrations with relative ease. The integration manager configures integrations from the e-commerce industry, CRM industry and other industries. If a customer needs a new platform integrated, our development team can implement the integration very quickly.

The integration manager keeps all your integrations organized. It provides a central place for users to make decisions, manage data and view the platforms they use. The integration manager is simple and saves time for users.

What new integrations are we offering?

SimplyCast offers a number of new integrations and more are on the way! These include AgileCRM, Base CRM, Bigcommerce, Capsule CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, Shopify, SugarCRM and Zoho CRM. Coming soon: 1CRM, Magento, Nimble CRM and Vtiger. To view all our current integrations, visit our Integrated App Marketplace.

We will continue to build relationships and integrate with other platforms to provide customer convenience. The integration manager helps us efficiently achieve more integrations and quickly respond to customer integration requests.

How do I access the integration manager?

Log in to your SimplyCast account, click on the Integrations link in the sidebar, and view all the available integrations. From there, you can create and configure the integrations that you use.

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