Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors to Use In A Snap

Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors to Use In A Snap

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Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors

Coming up with and executing marketing ideas for chiropractors is more difficult than you'd think. How do you want to promote this service? What wording should your ads use? What creative theme should you maintain? There are a lot of moving parts, even more so when the whole team is involved. Keeping all of those parts organized, and some of them automatic, is important because it means that you can afford to perform more tasks in a shorter time without overwhelming your marketing team.

We've got some marketing ideas for chiropractors that could be combined with or operated through automated processes so that your marketing team can breathe easy and then work on other things. It's important to remember that you want to monitor these promotional campaigns, even if they are automatic. There's no sense in spending time and money on a campaign that isn't working. This is easily done using visitor tracking and contact management software.

These two pieces of the puzzle—visitor tracking and contact management—are the most important software your marketing team can have access to. Visitor tracking will tell them exactly what campaigns are delivering conversions, and what people are doing on your website, and combining it with contact management means knowing what a person did on your website in chronological order when the tracking data is added to their customer profile. This combination gives you not just a picture of the customer's activities and needs, but also the success of your marketing campaigns.

Without further ado, here are some marketing ideas for chiropractors. Use these chiropractic marketing tips to bring your own marketing campaigns to life!

Patient Appreciation Days

Every 2 to 3 months, hold a promotional day where you appreciate your patients. Maybe it's a free chiropractic session, maybe a get-together or a small fair for families. Show your clients that you appreciate their business and that you value them, and they will value you in return. By asking your mailing list for permission to email them with any relevant information about promotions and events, you can notify them whenever you have an event like this, telling them when it will be, and perhaps sending a reminder email on the day of the event. There are plenty of ideas on what patient appreciation days could be like, so it's up to you how to appreciate your chiropractic patients. You could even offer to take ideas from customers for the next one, engaging them further.

Hold Specialty Days

Foot health, for example, is very important. Any chiropractic clinic knows how orthotics can change someone's life, but often that area of the body is neglected. Draw attention to these ideas with a specialty day where you examine one specific area of the body that day, allowing for awareness and clearing the time to do that. Emails and SMS are the order of the day to be sure that people are aware of these, as per a mailing list signup on your website.

Sponsorship Clinics

Make local sponsorships and perform discounted chiropractic clinics at events for that specific group, plying your trade during games or events and working on the team as part of your sponsorship. You may not generate customers right away, but you will generate word of mouth, particularly if you continue to sell yourself on your promotional social media pages as doing so. People talking about you and your work being known by public reputation means that others are more likely to take initiative and come to see you, particularly if you bill yourself as specializing in a field they need attention in. This will also help stimulate ideas as to what you're capable of among the general population, and you could even be accepted as the chiropractic authority in your area.

Perform Followups

Follow up with your patients with an email asking them to fill out a survey and post a review on a third party site like Yelp for others to see. This will increase your reputation with other clients, and make you more visible. Those two things will help you to grow, and make people think of you first when they hear that they need a chiropractor.


People are painfully unaware of what a chiropractic clinic does that drugs can't, so it's up to you and your promotional material to teach them differently. You want to be going to schools, as well as local gyms, clubs, and associations and teaching them what you are able to do for them, and why it's the better option. In fact, you also want this on your site in the form of a business blog that you can share around on social media and in emails, and you want to partner with other businesses to put guest articles in newsletters and the like as well. There is a multitude of ways to educate, but think of your business as helping people, not chasing them. When you want to help someone, you provide them with all the relevant facts and let them make an educated choice, which is what consumers want. When you chase them, you're likely to cut corners that lead to mistrust and skepticism.

Keep in Touch With Old Patients

If your chiropractic clinic has patients that haven't come in for a while, a good idea is to contact them again with some kind of promotional deal, but don't open with that. Ask how they've been, and if applicable depending on your rapport, how their family is. As a chiropractic patient, they have placed themselves in your care before, so reminding them that you see them as people and that you care about them will be a huge promotional tool and build strong relationships at the same time.

Have an Introductory Deal

For new clients coming in, you want an amazing introductory deal that will make them want to stay. For example, offer an assessment normally valued at $90 for $25. People will jump on that, and if they find themselves in disrepair, they will want to remedy that. A good promotional introduction can cause them to book a second or a third appointment, and if you do well you'll have a chiropractic patient for life.

Social Media

Social media is a platform you can launch so many chiropractic marketing ideas from that the potential is almost endless. Contests, draws, event announcements and organization, and more. The ideas that you can execute even just in contests are staggering, and as such you should open your chiropractic clinic up to a lot of patient engagement and a lot of happy patients who get something more than just health benefits and tips from you, they get an experience and a sense of appreciation and community. For that matter, you can even crowdsource ideas from your patients, asking them to submit a promotional idea for a chance at a prize, or even just to keep the fun going. Social media is the strongest platform currently for advertising and offering promotional content that engages the public.

Bring These Marketing Ideas for Chiropractors to Life!

These are just a few of many marketing ideas for chiropractic offices, but we hope that these help you to inspire yourselves and your staff to greater heights. If you want more information on automating social media and other aspects of your campaigns and ideas, saving yourself time and money, you can check out our marketing automation page to learn more about our chiropractic marketing software capabilities. You can also learn more about marketing automation, and how to implement these free marketing ideas for chiropractors, by contacting our sales team!

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