Cinema Advertising that Sticks in Your Viewers' Minds

Cinema Advertising that Sticks in Your Viewers' Minds

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What do you remember most about your experience of going to the cinema? It may be the buttery smell of the popcorn, the excitement of finding a seat in the darkened theater, the laughs shared with your group of friends or any number of experiences. It is not only the movie you see that contributes to a great memory and makes you want to go back again. It is also the little things that only a cinema can provide. What are the reasons that make viewers come to the cinema rather than simply watching a movie at home?

Once you figure out how to appeal to viewers' unique cinema experiences, you can focus on giving them more of what they want. Great cinema advertising is a way to connect with viewers and make the cinema experience memorable and enjoyable. That's how you truly keep people coming back again and again.

Grow Your Cinema Advertising Presence on Social Media

Having awesome social media pages is a great way to stand out from other cinemas and keep viewers engaged. Many businesses think social media marketing consumes a lot of time, but the process is easily automated. Automating your social media posting is simple and it will save your cinema advertising and marketing staff hours of time each day. Create a series of posts and schedule them to post throughout the week however you specify.

With your social media cinema advertising, it's all about interacting with viewers. People shouldn't just be visiting your pages, they should be getting involved and excited. Post contests that make the cinema-going experience more memorable for viewers. A few examples of effective cinema contests: win a pre-release viewing party for you and ten friends, win free tickets to a cinema showing, win a trip to a movie set and so on. Contests can be large or small, but the main thing is that they get viewers engaged and encourage them to interact with your advertising content.

Another way to get people interacting is to post coupons. Discount coupons end up making you money in the end because they draw in more viewers than would normally come to your cinema. Every once in a while, post a limited time coupon for movie tickets, concessions like popcorn or candy and other movie merchandise that you offer.

Encourage Viewers to Sign Up for Your Exclusive Cinema Newsletter

Email is another form of communication that is easy to automate. Create an email using a pre-made template, add a list of subscribers and schedule it to send whenever you want. Sending out email newsletters is an effective way to build loyalty and viewer engagement. The strategy here is to create a feeling of exclusivity. Everyone likes to feel like they have access to something special and unique. When viewers can only get certain discounts and perks by signing up for the email newsletter, it will make them more likely to subscribe.

Build on this feeling by sending out recently released movie news and information that viewers may not have heard yet. Send links to an exclusive sneak peek trailers and teaser videos. Send invitations to exclusive cinema events, like a members-only movie screening for viewers who have subscribed to your emails. Cinema advertising should be more about connecting with viewers and keeping them coming back than trying to sell, sell, sell and not worrying about building loyalty.

Want to Automate Your Cinema Marketing and Advertising?

Sign up for a 14 day free trial of automated cinema marketing. Automating your marketing ad advertising doesn't mean making it robotic and impersonal. It refers to simplifying the process of communicating with your viewers. Automation saves you time and enables you to personalize viewer messages, making your cinema advertising campaigns more effective. Our team is happy to give you a demo so you can see how automation will free up your time and save you money.

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