How Automation Benefits Your Clearing-In Communications

How Automation Benefits Your Clearing-In Communications

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The clearing in process can be difficult for military family resource centers, especially in terms of messaging and data intake. Processing and identifying new arrivals can be a challenge to manage manually and would be made much simpler with an alternative method. As members of the military are relocated, these centers must clear in new families, which requires the gathering and storing of a lot of individual information. This is a lot for staff members to collect, store, and share completely manually, and can easily become overwhelming. SimplyCast presents the idea of a clearing-in communications solution to help streamline this process and ensure everyone receives the information they need. 

This automated solution makes use of digital tools such as online forms, dynamic record sorting, and automatic messaging. All these factors help create a system that allows military resource centers to easily process and identify any new arrivals. These new arrivals can submit any relevant details about themselves and their families, and then are able to receive any resources or other information that relates to their needs. Collecting information digitally, following up automatically, and making effective use of collected information is the main goal of this system, making the overall clearing-in process easier for everyone involved. 

How the Digital Solution Can Benefit You 

SimplyCast anticipated the need for a solution capable of collecting and managing military member’s information, along with providing resources to them and their families. These resource centers can’t manually provide all the services that the automated solution brings, which is why it is beneficial to have a streamlined method of communication. SimplyCast’s Clearing-In Communications solution offers many benefits, but here are our top 3 summarized for you. 

Provides Specific Resources 

The system will take the responses that a member fills out via an online intake form, and sort them and their families into a wide array of lists. These lists will be aligned with existing resources that they may require, such as resources for members with dependents, or military housing. The member simply has to fill out their details, and the rest will be overseen with automation. 

Automatic Messaging 

Once the member has filled out their intake form, personalized messages can be sent to families based on the sorting results. These may include things like a welcome message after clear in is completed, branch-based messages, and details about programs for children or other dependents. Delays can also be set up to customize when messages are sent in case families need time to adjust before or in between notifications. This allows them to receive resources and other key information at their own pace. 

Reduces Manual Workload 

Due to the digital form technology that this solution offers, members can fill out any required information on their own, without administrative staff having to individually reach out. This not only saves everyone time, but ensures the right information is collected, and that members can take their time and fill out any details that they can think of. 


Why SimplyCast? 

That’s the core of what it takes to create a clearing in communications solution, and it’s only scratching the surface of what is possible when it comes to using digital technology to help military members and their families receive resources. 

The SimplyCast platform is a no-code platform that allows anyone to build and edit their solution. As a result, this solution is fully customizable, it can be tweaked or altered to meet the exact needs of every institution. 

Don’t worry about scalability and security! SimplyCast is an ISO 27001:2013-certified company with data centers in the USA and Canada. This means we can assure you that your confidential data is safe on our secure server and the messages you transmit are completely encrypted. Our platform has the capacity to send 100,000+ messages every hour and allows 10,000+ concurrent sessions. We can also acquire additional gateways and servers if you need them. 

Most importantly, we have a 99.5% minimum uptime. With our solution, you can have peace of mind.


Don’t wait! Our experts are ready to give you a one-on-one demo to explain how this solution works. Let them know you’re looking at UC0000022, Clearing In Communications, when your demo begins. 

Simply request a demo by clicking the button below and let us show you how our solution can help you manage the clearing in process more effectively. 


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