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An important reminder direct from SimplyCast's Compliance department!

The Can-Spam Act of 2003 is a law which applies to "commercial electronic mail message(s)". As an email marketer it is important to comply with this act to avoid penalties and fines.

How does SimplyCast ensure compliance?
1. Ensures an "opt-out" option is included and functional.
2. Ensures there is a physical address included.
3. Processes unsubscribed recipients.
4. Investigates suspicious accounts which may be sending to non opt-in lists, and immediately terminates accounts if they violate our anti-spam policy.
How can the client ensure compliance?
1. Include a valid physical address.
2. Do not use purchased or harvested lists.
3. Keep your mailing lists clean.
4. Only send to recipients which have "opted-in".
5. Include a good subject line. Do not mislead the recipient.
6. Have a valid "from address" – do not use donotreply@ addresses, or email addresses that misrepresent you.
By complying with the Can-Spam Act, ISPs, ESPs and recipients will be exceptionally happy. This will please you as well because there will no longer be frightening messages from recipients or ISPs blocking your mail. That all adds up to a more positive return on deliverability.
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