Free MailChimp Alternative? Check SimplyCast's Free Trial

Free MailChimp Alternative? Check SimplyCast's Free Trial

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Free MailChimp Alternative

Recently we got a question from a visitor to our website: how does SimplyCast compare to MailChimp? Is it suitable for visitors seeking a free MailChimp alternative, or at least at an affordable price? Let's look at some of MailChimp's features and SimplyCast's features and you can decide which solution is right for your needs. SimplyCast offers many other customer flow communication tools in addition to email marketing, such as social media management, and text message marketing. We even offer a free trial so you can see these features for yourself!

Similar to MailChimp

List Management: SimplyCast offers a powerful list management service which allows you to create, upload, segment, and combine lists. You can create and store unlimited lists, and list creation is simple. Just follow the prompts to easily create targeted email marketing lists.

Email Marketing Newsletter Templates: MailChimp offers email templates, and so does SimplyCast. Our in-house design team creates new email templates all the time. We have templates specific to different industries, holidays and purposes, and we also do custom templates.

A/B Testing: In order to optimize your email marketing campaigns, you need to test different techniques. A/B split testing allows you to try sending the same campaign to different segments of your email list with different subject lines or other different information. Based on the open and response rates, you can see which subject line was more effective.

Detailed Reporting: Like MailChimp, the SimplyCast alternative provides report data for each campaign you send out. It is essential to go over your reports to see how your campaigns performed and what may need to be changed, removed or added.

Signup Forms: Being able to easily create signup forms is infinitely useful. You can place them on your website and social media pages to gather subscriptions for your email newsletter, you can use them as an easy way for customers to sign up to use your service, you can gather customer information quickly and more. The SimplyCast solution features an easy to use form builder so you can easily put an attractive branded form wherever you need it.

Profiles of Each of Your Contacts: With SimplyCast, similar to MailChimp, each of your contacts has a profile of information about their history, preferences, important dates and alternative individual data. You can easily view any of your contacts at any time.

Autoresponders: Autoresponders are automated email messages that send out to your subscribers based on certain triggers, such as a subscriber making a purchase, and also specific dates, such as subscribers' birthdays. Like MailChimp, SimplyCast also offers autoresponders that are easy to create.

Email Delivery: Delivery, how many emails reach your subscribers and how quickly they get there, is essential to the success of your email campaigns. SimplyCast has a 95% delivery rate so your email messages make it to the inboxes of your subscribers promptly and consistently.

Unlike MailChimp

SimplyCast offers more than just email marketing. Email marketing is an effective way to reach subscribers but these days it is not enough. You need to promote your business in multiple ways so that customers can interact with your messages and information in the way that is most convenient for them and you can reach out to new customers every day. Using a single solution, SimplyCast 360, you can easily create complex campaigns that feature social media messages, text messages, surveys, fax messages, signup forms and even voicemail messages in addition to email marketing messages.

If you are using MailChimp for your email marketing needs, you may be using alternative programs for social media management, text message marketing and surveying your customers. Using different programs to meet your marketing and communication needs can get confusing, not to mention expensive. With the SimplyCast alternative, you can take care of all your marketing and communication messages from a single easy to use, affordable solution.

Seeking a Free MailChimp Alternative? Try SimplyCast today!

If you want to test out comprehensive a free MailChimp alternative and find a solution that offers even more tools and services, try SimplyCast. Our customer flow communication tools make it easier than ever before to reach your customers in an effective and personalized way. Sign up for a free SimplyCast account to try a top MailChimp alternative free of charge! You can also contact our Sales team for more information!

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