Contact Changed: The New SimplyCast 360 Element

Contact Changed: The New SimplyCast 360 Element

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Contact Changed

For those of you familiar with SimplyCast 360, you'll know that you can trigger marketing and communication campaigns based off of certain actions. These actions range from a contact filling out a signup form, texting in an SMS keyword, or by setting a specific time for a campaign to start.

This week, we're introducing a new way for you to start your SimplyCast 360 campaigns and, if I do say so myself, it's pretty cool.

The name of the new element, which can start campaigns, is Contact Changed and it works exactly like it sounds. Essentially, you can set the Contact Changed element to any contact information you like and, when that information is changed on any contact, it triggers the flow for that contact. The Contact Changed element will allow you to communicate with contacts personally and at the right time based on anything that changes specific to them. Yet another way marketing automation helps you increase personalization and engagement.

This new element can be really helpful for things like password changes or email changes where you would want to contact the contact every time that information changes. However, there are cases where you won't want to contact them every time.

The Contact Changed element is a very powerful tool that is capable to triggered campaign based on any and all changes. And, with great power comes great responsibility.

Column changes, like password and email, and some of the basic things you can do with Contact Changed and they don't require using additional tools to keep it organized. However, for more complex and advanced triggering, you will want to use a Decision element and/or a Duplicate Filter in conjunction with the Contact Changed element.

Using a Decision element in conjunction with Contact Changed is useful for when you want certain data to be changed to something specific. For example, if you wanted to trigger a 360 campaign when your contact is given a certain tag you would set that tag in the Decision element attached to the Contact Changed element. These tags can come from manual entry, other 360 campaigns, or from Sonar. This means, effectively, you can use web tracking to trigger your campaigns!

If, in the case of the tags, a contact is being tagged every time they click on a specific page. Chances are, you're only going to want to send them through the 360 flow once and not every time they click that link. This is why you'll need a Duplicate filter.

As you can see, the Contact Changed element is going to add a lot to your communication and marketing strategies. Campaigns can now be triggered on an individual basis, based each contact's individual information. This element is now available to anyone that has or signs up for Basic, Professional, and Enterprise 360 package.

Try out this new feature and let us know what you think in the comments below!

If you currently aren't on a Basic or above SimplyCast 360 package and are interested in taking advantage of this new element, contact our sales team at

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