How Content Marketers Beat Writers’ Block

How Content Marketers Beat Writers’ Block

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Beat Writers’ Block

We've all been there. You have a deadline to create amazing content, whether it is a blog, a newsletter or an email blast. Yet after hours of work, you are still staring at a blank document. Everything you start to write sounds wrong and you just can't focus.

Writers' block is defined as a condition in which a writer loses the ability to produce new work or experiences a creative slowdown. It can be very stressful if you are under obligation to produce quality content. So how can you get over it?

1) Take a Short Break

I know it seems a bit counterproductive, but if you are staring at your document and nothing is coming to mind, then you really need a break. Go for a walk, go to the gym, make a snack, anything that will get you away from your screen. A short break helps you reset and get back into a creative mindset.

2) Do a Free Writing Session

Sometimes writers block can come from having too many ideas that are competing in your mind. Or maybe you have ideas but they are not fully formed. So start writing down your ideas in free form. Don't worry about filling it out yet. The quality is not what you are looking for at this point. You are just trying to get something down on the page to help organize your thoughts.

3) Shake Up Your Planned Content

Having planned content that deals with certain aspects of your business is great. It can keep you on track for your writing, but it can suck all the fun and creativity out of your writing. So try writing something that is off track from what you had previously planned. Write about something you are passionate about and try to relate it back to what your company needs. If you really like gardening, try to relate your product back to that. Growth through organic and green marketing? It may seem like a stretch, but it's a great way to get your brain going.

4) Simply Move

Switch up your environment. Ask your boss if you can take a notebook to a park or coffee shop to shake things up. A great place to get ideas is at a bookstore. Pick a section that is relevant to your work. Flip through the table of contents of different books in the section and make them into content ideas. This strategy can spark different paths of thought that would have never come otherwise.

5) Be Less Original

This may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes creating content isn't about being original. Find a new twist on an old favourite (just look at the entertainment industry). You don't need to remake the wheel each time you create content, so don't be afraid to look at your old posts. Never copy them directly. Instead, try examining the same issue or idea from a different angle. It's likely that industry standards have changed since the time you wrote the original post, so keep readers up to date in your new posts.

Content writing can be hard. It takes a lot of work to take a blank page and turn it into something that will excite, engage, and entertain your audience. Don't give in to your writers' block. Embrace experimentation and see what works best for you. Sign up for a free trial of the SimplyCast 360 marketing tool, which helps you send personally targeted content to each customer.

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