Corporate Culture Part Two: Incentivizing Hard Work

Corporate Culture Part Two: Incentivizing Hard Work

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Incentivizing Hard Work

The last part in this series talked about the different benefits that companies offer in an effort to ensure their employees are as happy as possible, but the relationship is not entirely dictated by what the company provides. While a company's culture may be reflected in its employee-focused initiatives, the employees themselves are the largest contributors. As the nature of work changes, companies are coming to understand that embracing the full skill sets of employees and hybridizing roles is far more effective than putting employees in specific boxes.

Many companies are starting to switch to a results-based culture, where the amount of work that gets accomplished is considered separate from the number of hours that an employee puts in. The nature of work is changing and companies that are unwilling to adapt and are unwilling to treat their employees as people instead of cogs in a machine, are going to be left behind. To that end, despite the normal day-to-day operational tasks and large projects that may occur, SimplyCast employees are encouraged to do things in the way that they think is best, whether that's writing a program in a specific syntax or experimenting with different sales techniques.

This sort of implicit trust is what allows employees to flourish and prosper. While everyone may have their individual projects, they are united in a singular goal: doing whatever they can to make the company the best it can possibly be. Given all this, it may not be surprising that the ability to fit within the office culture is far more important than a given employee's qualifications.

In many cases, no matter what your job is, the office is your home away from home, so the importance of an employer to ensure that all staff have whatever they may need in order to efficiently do their jobs cannot be understated. Between the canteen for employees to grab a quick bite without having to leave the office, the free coffee and tea, and multiple available workspaces including standing desks, a plethora of creature comforts are available to SimplyCast's employees.

To complement the atmosphere, there are also a number of entertainment options available. One of the meeting rooms has multiple video game consoles for employees to enjoy (Rock Band being a perpetual favorite). The lunch room contains a basketball net and there is a foosball table just off the kitchen. Of course, given that SimplyCast is a digital technology company, many employees also enjoy playing PC games on their breaks.

As it realizes that happy employees are hard-working employees, SimplyCast has gone to great lengths to provide for its team and external social gatherings and office events only go even further to demonstrate this fact.

In this new age of work, you don't get gold stars just for showing up, but effort and dedication are constantly rewarded. If you feel like you have the ability to join a demanding yet exciting team, check out our Careers page, and come back in two weeks for the final part of this series.

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