How Do You Create an Email with Unique Content? Part 1

How Do You Create an Email with Unique Content? Part 1

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How Do You Create an Email

Looking for new ideas for your next email newsletter? Maybe you have not been getting the engagement you were hoping for from subscribers, and that could be due to an ineffective sending strategy or email subject lines that don't grab subscribers attention. However, if your emails are being opened but you're not getting many click-throughs or conversions then the issue may be with your content.

It can be challenging to come up with new engaging content for each email newsletter that you send out. How do you create an email that subscribers will actually read and respond to? Sometimes you just need a few new ideas to get your creativity flowing. If you're looking to create unique and brand consistent emails, check out this list and see if you can incorporate any of these ideas for more engaging email content. More to come in Part 2!

1. How do you create an email that gains an instant reaction? Include pictures of cute animals, of course! This tactic may sound silly at first. Yet consider that Telus, a Canadian telecommunications company, is known for regularly using cute animals and animal-related puns in their advertising. On the surface, telecommunications and cute animals don't have a lot to do with each other, but Telus makes it work for their business. Try using an animal image or pun to promote a new product, highlight a contest or feature a hot sale.

2. Make your subscribers laugh with a joke or meme. This creates a positive feel and makes subscribers likely to continue reading the email newsletter for a longer time.

3. Create a "Make Your Own Sale" that enables customers to select a specific item and apply a discount to it. This type of exclusive email promotion drives sales because it puts customers in control. If a customer has been waiting for a specific product to go on sale, when they see the email promotion they will be likely to seize the opportunity to purchase the product by using the custom discount.

4. Create an email newsletter that focuses on promoting a local event, such as a festival or seasonal event that revolves around the local business community. Supporting local businesses is a huge movement, and it's not going away. Many events are designed to provide several benefits to a business and its community with special promotions and limited time offers. Show your support with a special email campaign.

5. Around a holiday, or really at any time of the year, you can create an email that features gift ideas. It's always difficult to come up with unique and suitable gift ideas, and suggestions can be very helpful. Sending out an email with gift ideas helps to drive business to your site. Make it easy for customers to find what they're looking for by placing calls to action that link to product pages on your website in prominent locations in the email.

6. Run a seasonal email promotion at a time of year when there is no holiday or other regular promotion, in order to encourage business at a slow time of the year. Almost every day of the year has some observance or tradition associated with it, such as August 10, National Lazy Day. Who knew? View a list of other unusual holidays here. Create an email promotion around the theme of the holiday, and relate it to specific products or services. "It's National Lazy Day! Check out these sweet deals on hammocks."

7. Did you know that email subject lines that address past mistakes have some of the highest open rates? Emails with subject lines such as "We Regret the Error" or similar own-ups boost your open rates, but then you still have to keep subscribers engaged with compelling content. You don't even have to have made a mistake to use a subject line like this. You can say in the subject line that you made an error, then when they open it explain that the "mistake" was ordering too much product so now it's marked down for a special sale! Of course, it's not really an error, it's just an email marketing strategy.

Stay tuned for Part 2 for more email ideas on how to create a unique email each time you send. While you're waiting, you can download our free email marketing whitepaper.

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