Create Your Own Online Surveys: See an Example!

Create Your Own Online Surveys: See an Example!

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Create Your Own Online Surveys

Surveys are a simple, effective way to gather information. By making your own questionnaire, you can evaluate everything from a product's performance to employee feedback. Collect information from customers, workers, whoever you want. Then analyze the responses to find out how your company (or product or boss or anything) is doing.

The SimplyCast survey creation tool is easy to use. Login to your SimplyCast account, or create a new one, and click on the "Survey" button. This action will take you to the Survey Dashboard, where you can select "Create New Project." Name your project and begin building your questionnaire. There are many ways to format your questions and answers. We have created a sample online survey to show you the actual layout and how some of these options appear.

Of course, when creating your survey, you can change the colors, fonts, sizes and much more. You can insert page breaks, make users respond to a Captcha, limit the number of participants, set an end date for the online survey so it is no longer available... the options are endless. Customize your survey to your needs.

One essential feature of our survey creation application is the preview. The fourth step in the survey creation process is the survey preview. In this step, you test your survey. Read over the questions, adjust design details and try out the functionality of the answer format. This is a very useful process as you have the opportunity to see how your survey will appear to users.

When you're done making your online survey, click on "Web Link." Copy and paste the link into your browser and you can test your survey live. You can even have the survey results emailed to you so you can begin reviewing them.

Sign up for free for your SimplyCast account and start creating your own surveys today!

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