Strategy Session: Creating a Birthday Marketing Campaign

Strategy Session: Creating a Birthday Marketing Campaign

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Creating a Birthday Marketing Campaign

 A basic marketing strategy to engage your customers is a birthday marketing campaign to send your loyal customers a special message on their birthday. Often, these messages include a special promotion or deal that the customer can redeem as a birthday gift. Offering special birthday promotions is a great way to encourage signups and boost engagement. After all, who doesn't love their birthday?

With SimplyCast 360, you can create a birthday marketing campaign to automate the process of wishing each individual customer "Happy Birthday" by following the flow outlined in the photo above. The following elements need to be used to recreate this flow:

  • Repeating Trigger
  • Get Date From List
  • Contact List
  • Email Campaign

The first node, Repeating Trigger is on the far left. With this node, after you initially name it (Birthday Check or something similar), you need to navigate to the black box on the left-hand side and select the list of contacts you wish to schedule the birthday messages for. Below that, you need to choose the day you want the campaign to run every year. What happens here is that you set the repeating trigger to end just several hours after it starts. The repeat interval will ensure that it runs again at that time next year because you need to set your interval to 12 months.

The Repeating Trigger isn't the element that actually checks the birthday of each client, that would be Get Date From List.

Drag your arrow from Repeating Trigger to Get Date From List once your settings are complete. After naming your Get Date From List element, click the List Field dropdown menu on the left-hand side and choose the field where your birthdays are stored. Please note: it is very important that this field is configured to be a date field. Otherwise, the campaign will not act as expected. You need to make sure you check off "Ignore the Year" below the dropdown menu to make sure that the system sends to each contact every year and not just once.

After that, drag in Contact List and choose the Existing List option. Be sure to select the same list that you chose for the Repeating Trigger. From here, connect Contact List to Get Date From List. Doing this will enable the system to check the birthday of any client that is newly added to that list instead of waiting for the next Repeating Trigger to schedule the birthday message.

Lastly, include your Email Campaign element and connect Get Date From List to it. When you make this connection, you will see it says "At Set Time." This is because the Get Date From List is the element that schedules the birthday messages as soon as the Repeating Trigger goes off. So, even though you only set the trigger off once per year, your birthday messages are scheduled in advance. And, if someone is added to the list later, their birthday will be checked through the Contact List node.

To finish your birthday campaign, go into the email editor and create your email project as normal. Once your birthday email is complete, you can activate the project by clicking the next button in the bottom right-hand side of the screen. Once the campaign is active, you have a flow that will wish everyone on your list "Happy Birthday" automatically.

Want to know more about how to create a birthday marketing campaign?

Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions about how to create your own birthday marketing campaign, or don't hesitate to contact us today! And, if you're not a SimplyCast user, sign up for a 14-day free trial and try out this flow for yourself.

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