Strategy Session: Creating an Automated Reminder Email

Strategy Session: Creating an Automated Reminder Email

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Automated Reminder Email

SimplyCast's platform allows you to use certain actions or inactions to trigger automated messages. A common use of automated messages is reminder emails when the first email has not been opened.

Let's say, for example, that you send your whole list of clients an email containing a special promotion. However, the promotion is only for a limited time so you want to ensure that all your clients are reminded of the promotion as they did not open your initial email.

You can create an automated reminder email by using the following element:

  • Send to List at Fixed Time
  • Email Campaign x 2

To start the campaign, drag in the Send to List at Fixed Time element and two Email Campaign elements. Connect the Send to List at Fixed Time Element to the first Email Campaign by clicking, holding, and dragging the arrow in the bottom left of the element until it is connected to the Email element.

It is important to note that Send to List at Fixed Time is the element chosen to start the campaign. If you wanted to start from a signup form or a landing page, you would replace this element with whichever you chose to use instead.

Once the two first elements are connected, go back and click on the Send to List at Fixed Time element and refer to the black sidebar on the left. This sidebar provides you with a place to choose your list and time for your initial email send. First, you need to click on the Time field in the sidebar and choose the date and time you would like to send your first email. Once the day and time are set, click off the calendar view and click Select List to choose the contact list you want to put through the campaign.

Next, connect your two Email Campaigns together. By default, the connection between them will say "Email Sent." In order to only send the second email if the recipient didn't open the email, this will need to be changed. Click on "Email Sent." Now, in the black sidebar, locate the Trigger Type field and change it to "No Activity (No Link Clicks No Opens)." This means that only recipients who have not engaged with the initial email in any way will receive the second email.

When you change the Trigger Type to "No Activity (No Link Clicks No Opens)," you will notice a new section pop up called "Wait to Check." This bar indicates how long the system will wait to check if an email has been opened or not. Drag the slider to however long you want to wait to determine the length of time between the two emails. By default, it will be set to one hour. The minimum length of time between emails is one minute and the maximum is 14 days. If you want to wait longer than 14 days, you will need to insert a Delay element between the two emails and set it for the additional time you want to wait before sending the reminder email.

To complete this campaign, go into the email editor for each email and create your content as usual for the initial email and the reminder email. Once your content is complete, click Next in the bottom right-hand corner, which will take you to the cross-check page where you can activate your flow as usual.

Are there any other flows you'd like to learn to build? Let us know in the comments below! If you're not a SimplyCast user, you can still try out this flow by signing up for a free 14-day trial.

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