Creating an Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Strategy

Creating an Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Strategy

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Omni-Channel Marketing Automation Strategy

Take omni-channel marketing to the next step with omni-channel marketing automation.

By now, you've been familiarized with omni-channel marketing: the concept that marketing should be a cohesive experience for the consumer over any and all channels of communication. When it comes to marketing, you want your communications to complement each other – not compete. When you have your email newsletter competing with your SMS flash coupons, each trying to get more attention from your consumer base, the strategy comes off as forced and insincere. Ideally, you want your separate channels to work together. Promote your SMS flash coupons in your newsletter, for example, and make the whole experience more enjoyable for your audience.

This is just one example of how you can simply tie your channels together to create an omni-channel marketing experience for your customers. Expanding on this idea will help you create an overall cohesive marketing strategy that will engage your customers and boost retention. The good news is, you can automate this process with omni-channel marketing automation. To get you started, let's look at a few small implementations you can make to create your own omni-channel marketing strategy.

Make your omni-channel marketing automation communications mobile-responsive

As of 2014, the number of mobile users exceeded the number of desktop users. This is huge for marketing because now people aren't just viewing your website or your newsletters on their desktop – they're also viewing it on their smartphones and tablets. With this in mind, you need to ensure that your website and all of your online communications are optimized for mobile. If they aren't optimized for mobile, you're going to be giving a massive portion of your audience a less than ideal experience when they try to engage with your content. Perhaps the biggest aspect of using an omni-channel strategy is to ensure that all of your content is readable on all types of devices.

Offer different types of communication depending on user preference

Pretty much all businesses ask for a customer's email address in order to send them marketing material and content. But, what if that particular customer doesn't care much for email and never checks it? In order to cater to your customers personally, you need to be able to offer them communication through their preferred method of communication. If the customer prefers SMS, send them your newsletter through a text message with a shortened URL. Simple things like that can ensure that your content is engaged with and read. Again, this is something done easily and automatically with omni-channel marketing automation.

Be available on all channels

Most customers who have questions will contact you by calling or emailing you. However, the more active you are on other channels of communication, the more likely customers will engage with you there. Do you have a Facebook or Twitter account? Utilizing these channels provides your customers with another avenue to communicate with you through. Additionally, you could include a live chat option on your website to ensure that any customers that have questions while browsing will not hesitate to connect with you immediately.

Automate the process

The perfect tool for implementing an omni-channel marketing automation strategy is a communication flow platform. These platforms can help you automate the communications you send to your audience all while ensuring there is a consistent look and feel to your messages no matter what channel you are using. A communication flow platform can also help you use multiple channels at once so that you can provide the same message to your audience even if they have different communication preferences.

Be sure to contact us today to see how SimplyCast can help your organization improve your omni-channel marketing automation strategy!

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