Customize your Signup Form

Customize your Signup Form

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One of the more important parts of email marketing is building a strong list and that means gathering necessary information from your customers. Once you collect all the good stuff like first name, last name and email address, many companies still want more. That is why the new version of SimplyCast's email marketing service will allow you to customize your sign-up form so you can add in all the questions you want. This feature, as well as many others, will take center stage on August 10th. So, whether you want to know where a person is from, what industry they work in or even if they have a website, now you can gather all of that info right from your sign-up form.

Like the sound of Version 5.0 of SimplyCast? Act now and we will give you a 10% discount to get you started. Go to and use coupon code LAUNCH5 at point of purchase.

Only a few more days to go before we launch. Keep checking the blog each day for more features and updates.

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