Is a Dedicated IP Address the Way to Go for Email Marketers?

Is a Dedicated IP Address the Way to Go for Email Marketers?

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Are you aware that the IP address that you send your email marketing campaigns from plays a huge role in the overall success of every campaign that goes out?

Sender reputation is vital for the success of any campaign because many Internet Service Providers look at the reputation of the domain you send the emails from and at the reputation of the IP address used for sending the emails.

In most instances a dedicated (private) IP address is the best solution for email marketers but in some cases you can benefit from sticking to a shared IP address.

To help you decide whether a dedicated IP address is right for your company's needs, here is a comparison of what a dedicated IP address offers as opposed to a shared IP address.

Dedicated IP address

A dedicated IP address is one that is used only by you or your company to send the emails from.

This option is available to SimplyCast's customers that require a dedicated IP for their mailings. By upgrading to this, you will be able to send all campaigns from your own dedicated and reputable IP address.

Dedicated IPs are static and do not change and since the IP does not change, the history and reputation of the IP belongs to the customer using it.

This makes it very easy for you to track what is sent, and you are the only one responsible for what reputation your IP address gains. As long as you are following best email standards and practices and sending to a verified opt-in list, you should be stay away from a bad reputation that could harm your email deliverability.

Hence, if you are looking to send a large amount of emails each week, you should see if having your own IP to send through will give you the scalability you need.

Shared IP address

A shared IP address is when you are sharing the same IP with other companies or senders.

In this situation the IP address reputation is created by all your IP neighbors who are sending from that same IP. If they are all good email marketers, the reputation should remain solid.

Many clients don't worry enough about this though, as email is just a component of a much larger marketing strategy and as such, they don't have the resources to afford dedicated IPs.

Price of course is one of the biggest benefits to using a shared or pooled IP. In most cases, there is no cost associated with a shared IP beyond the normal sending charges. This means money saved for smaller senders.

But what you save in price you could lose in reputation.

If someone else on that shared IP does something that is in conflict with good email practices, this can damage the IP address reputation. Then you'll have problems with email deliverability. The ISP will start to look closely at all the emails from this IP and at the very worst, every email sent from this IP will be blacklisted.

Final verdict

At the end of the day, if you are sending a high volume of email each week and can manage the extra cost, a dedicated IP address is the best way to go.

Deliverability is vital when trying to get your emails to customers, so why would you want to be punished for what someone else is doing wrong?

To learn more about purchasing or upgrading to a dedicated IP address through SimplyCast, please contact your account manager.

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