Dental Marketing Ideas New Patients Will Love

Dental Marketing Ideas New Patients Will Love

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Dental Marketing Ideas

Looking for new dental marketing ideas new patients will love? Here's how you can increase your online reach, build your reputation, and gain new patients all by using social media. Social media is only one tool, yet it is a powerful one.

By creating a series of posts using an automated social media solution and scheduling them to post daily on your dentist office page, you can maintain an active page without having to keep manually updating it. Automation can save your dentist office staff a lot of time, and you can even target which posts appear to certain visitors based on their age, gender and location.

Social media dental marketing ideas for new patients include:

  • Post "Today's Tip from Your Dentist" each day that provides a relevant tidbit of information which will educate visitors to the page and let them know that you care about their ongoing dental welfare.
  • Hold social media contests once a month that allow visitors to your dentist office page to win prizes. Your prizes don't have to be dentist-related. Try offering a product or service from a local business or a coupon for a restaurant. Contest posts have a high likelihood of being shared, which helps boost exposure for your dentist office online.
  • Post dental trivia questions that visitors can answer to win prizes or a discount for a basic cleaning service on their next trip to the dentist office.
  • Use pictures and videos to boost engagement and encourage visitors to share the content. Visitors will respond to dental educational videos ("Do You Know Proper Flossing Techniques?"), before and after pictures of customers' smiles on whom you have done dental work and so on.
  • Share industry news, exciting new dental advancements and dentist recommendations. As dentists know, oral health suggestions and dentist technology changes and patients like being kept in the know.

These are just a few tips dental marketing ideas new patients will love by using effective social media. Use an automated solution to post your social media content and analyze the resulting data to determine what your visitors engage with.

Want to see the difference automation can make for your dentist office? Check out the SimplyCast 360 platform and reqeust an interactive demo to see what it can do.

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