Detox Your Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

Detox Your Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy

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We're not talking a cayenne pepper, green tea or a three week long organic liquid-only kind of detox.

A multi-channel marketing detox streamlines processes, promotions and overall bad habits. Just like detox gurus say that our bodies act sluggish with too much bad food and bad drink, your online marketing strategy also suffers from excessive bloating and discomfort.

Detoxing reenergizes your marketing plan allowing it to regain its nimbleness, flexibility, and effectiveness. Also, you'll be able to spot redundancies, what needs improvement and what can be thrown out altogether. So, here is your three-week long multi-channel marketing detox plan. Just like a juice fast, it'll be painful at times, and also wonderful.

Week 1

1. Dig up your most recent marketing strategy. Review your progress against goals set, and get an accurate reading as to whether you're meeting, exceeding or failing your markers.

2. Pull up your all of your marketing efforts for the past three months. Organize them according to what's working and what's not, based on your analysis.

3. Order your marketing channels – email, SMS, social media, fax, website – according to success.

4. Order your promotions, regardless of channel, by success. 5. Continue with any planned promotions.

Week 2

1. Take a close and scathing look at the poorest performing channels and promotions. Look at the data from both and figure out what went wrong. Consider this a cold and objective performance review. Be brutally honest. Leave no stone unturned.

2. Take a breather from the poorest performing channels and promotions. Yes, take a break. Shelve those channels and promotions for as long as it takes for you to revamp them.

3. For the poor performing channels, send out a message to your subscribers, asking them for their suggestions for improvement. Offer incentives for honest feedback. Take what you've learned from your subscribers along with what you've learned internally and create an actionable plan.

4. Continue only with promotions and updating channels that are successful.

Week 3 and beyond

1. Continue with promotions and updating channels that are successful.

2. Look at the data of the successful channels and promotions. Have your numbers changed? Have you increased sales and conversions?

3. Slowly bring back the revamped promotions and channels. Continuously solicit suggestions and feedback internally and externally.

4. If something isn't working, even after all of the hard work, cut it.

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