Ways to Automate Online Digital Marketing

Ways to Automate Online Digital Marketing

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Automated Online Marketing

Digital marketing is quickly becoming one of the main methods companies use in order to promote their products and services to potential and current clientele but are you offering an automated online marketing service too? Digital marketing encompasses essentially all online marketing strategies, such as websites, pay-per-click, search engine optimization/search engine marketing, and even social media which is why you need a service that increases the efficiency of all of these tactics.

A digital marketing agency helps its clients develop their online marketing strategies and helps to develop quality leads and potential customers by creating and curating content for the client's marketing campaigns. In order to make things simpler for the digital marketer, marketing automation can be used to make the marketing processes even more smooth and efficient.

Here are some ways digital marketers can implement automated online marketing into their existing marketing tasks:

Track visits to clients' websites

When you automate digital marketing campaigns with built-in web-tracking software, digital marketers can easily insert tracking links and pixels onto the various pages of their clients' websites. These tracking tools can help the marketer determine which pages of the website are visited the most often and which content visitors are the most engaged with. By knowing this information, digital marketers can optimize any content or pages that are not getting the traction that others may be receiving, which in turn will help increase the overall presence and interaction with the client's website.

Take SEO/SEM a step further with signup forms

Search engine optimization and marketing are two important pieces to any digital marketing strategy. Paid and unpaid ad campaigns serve to make potential customers aware of the client's product and/or service and bring them to the associated landing page for the company.

However, these ads don't serve much purpose other than bringing visitors onto the landing page. Through the use of a marketing automation platform, digital marketers can use the success of the ads and take it one step further by getting visitors to sign up to receive communications from the company. Signup forms can be created in the automation platform and be placed on the landing page to collect contact information, which will then be stored in the platform's CRM for future use.

From PPC to signups to automated marketing campaigns

Once the PPC-driven traffic to your website has interacted with the signup form found on your landing page opting in these visitors to receive communications from the company, digital marketers can now create automated and targeted campaigns to send out to them.

With an automated online marketing, marketers can create and schedule a series of messages to be sent to leads over a period of time, via their preferred communication method. With a click of a button, these campaigns can be deployed and digital marketers do not have to worry about sending each of the messages individually, leaving them more time to devote to their clients' other needs.

Automate social media posts

Digital marketing also includes any marketing done through social media. Some social media platforms already include automation and scheduling functionality, such as Twitter and Facebook, but with an automated online marketing platform with built-in social media automation capabilities, you can centralize all of your automation in one place.

Using these built-in tools, a digital marketer can create and schedule multiple social media posts to be published days, weeks, or months down the road. With the automated posting, the digital marketer can focus on interacting with their followers and creating an engaging social media presence.

Benefits to reselling automated online marketing software

Marketing automation is a service digital marketers can offer their clients in order to provide them with the tools to easily create sophisticated, automated online marketing campaigns to promote their own products. Whether it is the digital marketers who are using the software on behalf of the client, or the client is using it themselves, being able to provide this service will generate a new revenue stream for the digital marketing agency.

Rather than the agency spending years and countless dollars to develop their own automated online marketing, digital marketers can save both the time and money by simply reselling a white-labelled platform.

For more information on how your digital marketing agency can resell SimplyCast's white labeled marketing automation platform, contact us at reseller@simplycast.com

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