Discover, Organize, Communicate: Centralized Solution

Discover, Organize, Communicate: Centralized Solution

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Centralized Solution

SimplyCast makes tracking easy, and helps you act on the data!

SimplyCast Sonar is an upcoming product that allows us to track the activity on your site and with your messages in detail as you nurture that lead. It integrates with our SimplyCast 360 package, allowing you to send messages via email, SMS, and more. We help you build your customer engagement and satisfaction. We help cut your workload. And we succeed when our customers succeed. SimplyCast wants to give you the tools to excel in your industry, no matter what that might be. To that end, we also just released our Contact Manager, that allows you to look up and create individual customer profiles, and interact with them accordingly. Come check out our products and what marketing automation could do for you by clicking the links below.

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