Do You Want to Send Mass Text Messages?

Do You Want to Send Mass Text Messages?

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Do You Want to Send Mass Text Messages?

Being able to reach a lot of people all at once with a targeted message is a great way to market and stay connected with them. But the question is, how do you do it? This is where comes in.

SMS marketing is when you send a mass text message to contacts that can be used to provide important information, sale coupons, exclusive promotions, and more! This type of marketing is one of the best methods for communicating with customers. It allows for a more connected feel, on top of helping to build stronger relationships with your customers that can help increase their brand loyalty to your company.

SMS marketing is a very cost-effective marketing solution that can be easy to set up and use. That being said, not using SMS marketing can mean you might be missing out on making connections with customers and building those strong relationships which will keep them coming back.

Give your mass texts a personal feel

One important feature that SMS marketing has is the fact that you are able to make each message personalized for each recipient. This can be done with the use of merge tags. Merge tags allow you to add names, titles, cities, as well as any other information that you have on the contact automatically to each individual message that is sent out as part of the mass text message campaign.

Personalization is important as this helps draw customers in. They will be more likely to read and interact with the message if they feel that it was meant for them and that they were thought of when they received the message.

Schedule your sends

Forgetting to do something that is important is always annoying and can sometimes even cost you. So why not make life easier and schedule those important tasks you need to do?

Being able to schedule the sending of a mass text message is very important as it helps mitigate the risk of forgetting. This will help keep you on top of your SMS marketing campaigns allowing for less stress on your end. It will also help you to be able to focus your time elsewhere where it is needed, as you won’t need to be dealing with sending out your campaigns. It can also reduce your marketing costs as you won’t need to worry about paying someone else to deal with creating and sending individual SMS messages.

Use keywords and shortcodes

Another important feature that SMS marketing have is with the use of keywords. A keyword is a short word or phrase that the customer can send back to a shortcode to receive more information on the given topic, allowing for a two-way connection.

Using key words helps with making you customers more likely to view the message as they are able to interact with it. Keywords also help allow you to be able to give contacts more information that you were not able to put in the initial SMS message. Without keywords and shortcodes, you may be unable to get the information to contacts that you want to, and your interaction and engagement rates may decrease.

Wondering where you can go to send a mass text message?

Looking for the right SMS marketing tool to send a mass text message from? Check out SimplyCast’s SMS marketing software!

SimplyCast’s SMS marketing software includes all of these features and even more to help ensure that you using SMS marketing to its fullest potential. With its easy creation and setup of mass text campaigns, it not only reduces your stress, but makes your campaigns more efficient.

Interested in learning more or giving it a try? Click on the button below to request a demo and get in contact with one of our team members who will happily assist you in any way!

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