From Don Draper’s Lips: Vodka-Soaked Pearls of Marketing Wisdom

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Do you want some respect? Go out there and get it for yourself.

First, this is possibly one of the greatest lines that Don Draper ever spoke. Simple. To the point and incredibly powerful.

Second, it's actually really great bit of marketing advice. Respect is earned. You have to work hard for it and through this hard work, you prove yourself. And, after a long time of proving yourself, you'll earn respect.

Fear stimulates my imagination.

For some highly creative people (including online marketers!), negative emotions actually trigger extreme moments of clarity. It could be stress from a looming deadline, negative feedback on a recent promotion or the intense fear that you may just have run out of great ideas…forever. Whatever negative emotion it is, Don Draper is right. Sometimes genius comes out of pure, unadulterated terror.

If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation.

Again, another evocative vodka-soaked pearl of marketing wisdom from Don Draper. Nothing is ever static, especially in marketing. From negative comments from customers or a rush of unsubscribes from your email marketing, you have the ability to take what you've learned and do something different. In essence, you're changing the conversation.

What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons.

Oh, Don Draper, you didn't. You pulled the curtain back and we saw the wizard. What do you mean that our God-given emotion of love is something that you created? That's insane! But, brilliant. What Don Draper is actually saying is that advertising can actually influence how we feel. Really great advertising triggers the exact emotions in us that the marketers want us to feel. So, fantastic copy, beautiful design, compelling promotions and amazing call-to-actions are supposed to make consumers feel whatever we want them to.

Advertising is based on one thing: happiness.

Enough said.

For more Don Draper tips for your online marketing, take a look at this post on how to become a devastatingly creative content writer.





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