Donors Have Stopped Supporting Your Non-Profit: Why?

Donors Have Stopped Supporting Your Non-Profit: Why?

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Supporting Your Non-Profit

As a non-profit organization, you depend on people's support and donations to provide your services. You need to retain current donors and encourage new people to contribute. There is one very simple and fixable reason that current donors leave and new donors do not stay: lack of communication.

This is a very common problem among non-profit organizations. As many non-profits use volunteers to run their donation campaigns and communicate with donors, it is often difficult to find the time and resources to reach out to everyone who has contributed or is thinking of doing so. When someone donates, often they do not know what has happened to their money, and people may be wary that their contribution is simply being absorbed by the company or even that it was not processed properly.

According to a recent study by Cygnus Applied Research, 70% of people who donate to charities and non-profits would give more if the organizations effectively confirmed their donation, thanked them for their contribution and showed how the money was going to be used. Donors want to know they are appreciated and have an idea of where their money is going. This problem can be easily addressed with an affordable multi-channel marketing solution. SimplyCast offers a significant discount for non-profits and registered charities.

An automated multi-channel marketing service such as SimplyCast provides automation software to help your staff with time and brand management. This means that each person who donates will automatically receive a confirmation email or text message with a thank you message and as many follow-up emails/texts as you want. You can have the thank you message sent right away, then a second message sent the following day explaining how the donor's contribution will be used. These messages let the donor know they are appreciated and reinforce the fact that their money is being properly handled, without your staff having to do any extra work.

A multi-channel marketing solution also makes it easy to reach out to people in multiple ways: by email, text messaging, voice messaging and social media, to name a few. Text messaging is a highly effective channel that people can use to donate, as it is very immediate and personal. Many non-profit organizations do not use text messaging because they do not have the resources to run an effective text message donation campaign. With automation software, texts are sent automatically to a list of subscribers. All people have to do to donate is text 12345 (for example), then they will receive a confirmation text, telling them their donation has been successfully received and thanking them.

If you promote your campaign on social media, you can reach an entirely new group of potential donors. People log on to Twitter and Facebook every day, and it is easy for users to share messages with their friends and followers. An automated multi-channel marketing solution will also help you stay up-to-date with your social media pages, so users can easily find the information they need about your organization and how to make a donation.

It's difficult to manage your communication, donation campaigns, social media accounts and online presence alone. We are here to help. If you are not reaching out to potential donors and existing contributors using multiple methods, you are missing out on huge opportunities to raise funds for your organization. SimplyCast has a great flexible pricing plan for non-profits. Contact the SimplyCast sales team today to discuss your organization's requirements.

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