Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Twitter Marketing

Do’s And Don’ts Of Using Twitter Marketing

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Do Tweet!

There are some social media gurus who advise that Twitter isn't right for all types of businesses, but we completely and totally disagree.

Twitter is a great social media tool that connects you to pretty much everyone who matters, including industry leaders, customers and potential clients. Thinking that your business doesn't belong on Twitter means that you haven't really analyzed how it can truly grow your business.

Not only does it connect you to untapped markets, Twitter also places your business front and center in an online dialogue.

Create a Twitter Marketing Plan

As always, develop a comprehensive Twitter strategy before embarking into the Twitterverse. Integrate your Twitter marketing plan into your business' overall marketing strategy.

Where social media gurus are right are about why Twitter isn't right for some businesses is usually directed at those who start Tweeting without any direction or plan.

Ask these questions before Tweeting:

  • What do we hope to gain from Twitter?
  • How will Twitter work with our established marketing strategies?
  • Who is our target audience?
  • Which industry leaders, organizations, and businesses should we follow?
  • What is our Tweet frequency?
  • Are we going to use an autoresponder Twitter tool?
  • Who is the point person for our Twitter account?
  • What kind of oversight will be in place for Twitter?
  • What will the Tweet tone be?
  • What are our Twitter metrics?
  • How are our competitors using Twitter?
  • What keywords are important to our company?
  • What trends are we going to monitor?

Do create a comprehensive Twitter strategy.

Don't start Tweeting without knowing where you're going.

Don't fall into the trap of the scatterbrained Tweeter. Tweets Are Forever

Everything on the Internet is forever, or, of course, until the day that the web becomes obsolete.

Simply, there are not any "take-backs" with the Internet.

Before you Tweet about something regarding your company, take a moment to consider whether what you're posting reflects your company's mission, ideals and whether it is inline with the Twitter strategy.

If the CEO or President of your company reads anything that you post, can you defend it?

Do take your content seriously, and post only something that you and your company will stand behind in five, ten or twenty-five years.

Don't assume that a deleted account erases all postings. Tweets live on through direct messages or links.

Use Autoresponders Correctly

Across the board, social media gurus seemingly agree on how and when to use autoresponders.

First, always thank a new follower for following you. This is an easy approach for utilizing a Twitter autoresponder.

Second, keep the promotional pushes to a minimum or even better; keep them out of the thank you autoresponder altogether.

If you are a newbie to Twitter autoresponders, keep the autoresponders in the realm of thank you. Then, establish a regular schedule so that your Tweets remain fresh but also on point. Always strategize!

Do keep autoresponders in check.

Don't push products or offers initially.

Have another suggestion for your fellow Tweeters on what they should and should not be doing? Leave a comment below or post your answer on Twitter. Can't wait to read what you have to say.

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