SimplyCast Blog: Downtime - Major Upgrade this Sunday

Downtime - Major Upgrade this Sunday

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First of all the SimplyCast team would like to apologize for the short notice. As provided in our announcement of launching version 5.0, we are writing to notify you that we will be conducting a major upgrade to our service on Sunday, August 9th, from 11:00 AM ET until Monday, August 10th at 11AM ET.

The reason for this downtime is to perform the migration of your data and add the final touches to the new version of SimplyCast's email marketing service (What we have been promoting on the blog all week).

It is important for you to note that during the downtime the SimplyCast Application will be temporarily inaccessible and all uploads/campaign sending will be paused during this time.

Emails that have already been sent will still continue to track open, unsubscribe, and click-through metrics.

We really appreciate your patience during the entire process as this is a major service upgrade on our entire application.

If you have any questions, concerns or locate any bugs with the service, please contact our support team. (1.877.312.4979 ext. 2)

Again, we apologize for the short notice, but we are very confident you will be pleased with the outcome.


The SimplyCast Team

1.877.312.4979 ext. 2

Follow us on twitter @simplycast

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