Drip Marketing: 8 Reasons Why it Works

Drip Marketing: 8 Reasons Why it Works

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Drip Marketing

Drip marketing refers to the process of reaching out to a customer with multiple messages spread out over a period of time. The messages are automated and are triggered by actions the customer take, so they are timely and relevant. The idea of a drip marketing campaign is to nurture a customer along and provide them with the information they need to make a purchase. Drip marketing also saves time and staff resources for the company.

Drip marketing, when applied properly, can be highly effective. But just why is it effective?

1. Many customers are not ready to make a purchase the first time you reach out to them. They want more information or a bit more decision-making time. Good leads, however, will show enough interest that it is worth connecting with them again. Once you have built up a relationship with them through a series of personalized drip marketing messages, they may be ready to buy.

2. Drip marketing, though automated, is targeted to each individual customer. Messages are sent based on customer information that is collected. Customers may receive a message if they click a link, update their information, take a survey and so on. Messages are based on the customer data that is gathered by each action a customer takes. Each customer has their own personalized campaign. Targeted messages are much more effective than mass messages, as they appeal to each customer's unique needs and interests and help the customer find what they are looking for.

3. A consistent stream of relevant and unobtrusive drip marketing messages keeps your company in the customer's mind without being too aggressive or annoying. When the customer is ready to make a purchase, they will remember your company's name and the fact that you sent them the information they needed when they needed it.

4. When combined with a personal touch, drip marketing is even more effective. Automated messages are great but you still have to make a connection with each customer through email, phone or in person. Automated messages are intended to save time and help fill the gaps when you are not able to cater directly to each individual customer.

5. Drip marketing saves time and staff resources. Rather than contacting every single lead manually for each message, you can set up a series of automated messages that allow you to reach out to thousands of customers at the same time. This consistent personal connection helps shorten the sales cycle and make your marketing more effective.

6. Automated drip marketing messages help you stay up to date and on target. In addition to meeting your customers' individual needs and interests, you can also send automated reminder messages to provide the customer with helpful information to simplify their daily lives. For example, if Christmas is approaching, you can schedule an automated message to go out to customers letting them know the date you stop shipping orders and reminding them to take advantage of any current coupons. Customers may forget or just not know information, and reminders are a great way to help them out.

7. Drip marketing is a great way to provide educational content. Content marketing is huge these days, and it involves providing educational resources such as blog posts, white papers, buying guides and more that are intended to provide customers with relevant information about general products, industry practices, and informational tips. Customers are sick of being "sold" products. They want to learn about products and make an educated decision on whether or not the products are right for their needs. Drip marketing messages can often provide just the right amount of information and include links to other resources where customers can educate themselves. Content marketing also helps to show your company as an authority or leader in your industry.

8. Using automated drip marketing messages, you can provide enticing and exclusive promotions and coupons to customers or leads. Everyone loves a good deal and if it's exclusive to them that's even better. Coupons and promotions can cause cold leads to re-engage if they spot a great deal, and can encourage warm leads to turn hot and make a purchase because they know this is a great opportunity to save money.

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