Nursing Homes Software: Efficiency Through Automation

Nursing Homes Software: Efficiency Through Automation

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Nursing Homes Software

A nursing home, especially a large one, can be a challenging environment. Important information regarding resident medication and activity schedules may exist over any number of formats in any number of places. Wouldn't it be convenient if you knew when, for example, a family was visiting their loved one or if you were running low on a certain type of medication, without having to cross-reference multiple systems, pieces of paper, and scattered notes? Is your staff overworked because of the sheer amount of data-driven tasks that there are to accomplish on a day-to-day basis? Nursing homes software may be just the solution you're looking for.

Many people think of marketing automation software solely in terms of the word affixed to the beginning of it – marketing. However, to ignore it would be a disservice to the many ways that the automation of information, processes, and tasks can be extremely useful in the workplace, especially in an environment such as a nursing home, where there are a lot of variables and information to keep track of.

As we continue to move into an increasingly digital and connected world, people are looking for instant updates and targeted information in a convenient and engaging way. Automating certain processes in your nursing home is a way to turn marketing automation's intended use on its head in order to directly benefit you and become nursing home software - such has using call automation for nurses to remind residents to take their medication at certain times.

Wouldn't it be an awful thing to go to check on a resident, only to find that they're not in their room, and for that matter, don't seem to be anywhere? Unless knowledgeable parties get involved, that's a situation that could cost a bunch of time and manpower. Through the power of automation, you are able to receive communication blasts from a central process through a channel of your choice, whether email, phone call, or SMS. If you had received an email when you arrived to work in the morning that the resident would be out with their family, the above scenario could easily be avoided.

As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, communications from pharmacists could also be streamlined. Say they need to replace a medication with another one due to a shortage or a resident was set to begin a new medication on a particular day. They would be able to create a communication flow that could be sent instantly to whatever the staff person's preferred method was, as opposed to only being limited to their email accounts. You could also use call automation for nurses to further increase the efficiency to remind residents that it may be time to fill their prescriptions.

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These are just a few ways that marketing automation software can be used in your nursing home in order to ensure a smoother communication process. Luckily, those are not the only uses such a system has; you can also use it as an external communication method, to send messages to families regarding the status of their loved ones. That way, families will gain peace of mind that their family is being taken care of, without having to worry.

The SimplyCast 360 platform offers the ability to create workflows for all of the above scenarios and more. Our 14-day free trial will show you why our platform is the perfect fit as your go-to your nursing homes software.

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