Is Email Dead? Considering Other Areas of Marketing

Is Email Dead? Considering Other Areas of Marketing

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Is Email Dead?

Many people believe that email is a dying breed and will be irrelevant and unnecessary in the future. More and more people are texting, tweeting and using Facebook and other means of communication to send and receive messages. That means more and more companies are turning to new channels of marketing to get their message out to customers and potential customers.

The reality is that many consumers are not relying on email alone to access information on promotions, contests, special offers and so on because many companies now cater to the social media and mobile phone market. Let's face it: if your company does not have a Facebook page and a Twitter account these days you are missing out on engaging with a huge group of consumers.

So if your primary channel of marketing is email, what do you do? Relax, you're not doomed. As long as you continue to see positive results from your email campaigns there is no reason to jump ship. But you do need to expand your efforts so your company doesn't get left behind.

Facebook and Twitter accounts are free to create and are a great way to engage with people. They are a more immediate form of communication than email, as people can ask your company questions and receive prompt responses, post relevant information and join discussions. Social media presents the opportunity to interact with customers on a more personal basis. And, just like emails can be forwarded, tweets can be re-tweeted and Facebook posts can be shared so if your message is a compelling one (an exciting contest, a new product, a special promotion) it is still going to reach a lot of people.

SMS is another great way to connect with your customers. Most people have their cell phones with them at all times. An email may sit in someone's inbox for hours or even days and may go unnoticed. A text is likely to be viewed within a few minutes of being received. This way, your message is fresh in the minds of your customers.

Many consumers do still respond to email marketing, but if you want to reach out to new markets you need to consider other ways to get your message out there. Continue sending email campaigns as long as they are working for your company and also try some new ways of marketing. Twitter and Facebook are free and easy to use, after all, so why not give them a try? You may be pleasantly surprised at how many new customers you can reach.

This is Part One of a two-part blog. Stay tuned for Part Two, "Is Email Marketing Still Worth Using?"


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